12 Days of Masterclasses

Why do we procrastinate? Especially as women, why do we procrastinate so much? Raising my hand here 🙋‍♀️
I recently had my business mentor Sigrun on my podcast. She’s Europe’s #1 Online Business Mentor.
And I asked her that very question and I loved her answer.
Click on the image and watch the video:
Sigrun on my podcast Natural Woman Alchemy
Sigrun on my podcast Natural Woman Alchemy
I took so many notes because this talk was jam-packed and helped me so much to set some new goals, shift my mindset and make some changes in my lifestyle.
And I’m so stoked about her 12 Days of Masterclasses that she hosts from December 25 to January 5. It’s her annual Christmas gift to the community and it is for free. So, if you are a coach, healer, online business owner or you wanna become one, then those Masterclasses will set you up for success.
And if you sign up with my link, then you get a bonus masterclass from me on top. 🙂
Here’s the link: shehealsher.com/12days
Let’s do this together. Let’s make 2023 our best year yet.
Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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