Invitation to be You

Invitation to be YOU#repost from a year ago  “Am I weird or am I just being myself?“Nadine, you’re weird….” 

167: Wrapping Up 2022 & Card Readings

  Hey beautiful, this year is coming to a close and as we’re wrapping up 2022, we get the chance to go really deep into all areas of life and reevaluate. This year was fast and yet so much has happened that it feels like 3 years in 1, don’t you think. I’ve included 2 […]

with grace

It’s grace that moves me forward with peace and a heart wide open. No matter what hardship or grievances, no matter what challenges and obstacles, no matter what pain or inner turmoil I am in I choose to move with grace and I allow grace to penetrate all those dark places within me … …to […]