2nd of Advent

🌲🌲Happy 2nd of Advent 🕯🕯

My Christmas decorations come out very beautifully this year. Can’t wait to show you. 💗

Have I told you already that this is my favorite season of the year?! 😍😉 – It’s my FAVORITE season of the year (omit the cold) ☺️🎄😃

My inner little girl is having a blast. 🎉🎈🎉

In Germany – and basically around Europe – we have a wonderful tradition to prepare for the holidays: and that’s the so-called advent calendar 😍🙌😍

Usually filled with lots of chocolates. 🍫😍 (I LOVE chocolate).

Every morning from December 1st to Christmas Eve one opens a “Türchen”/little door which reveals yummy chocolate.
How exciting is that?!? 😍😍😍

As a child eating chocolate in the morning was super exhilarating, and I was always counting the days to Christmas Eve. 🎄✨

So basically I was waking up with loads of excitement every morning. ✨
Isn’t that how we all should wake up everyday? With a zest for life ❤️

I still have an advent calendar btw. 😍 loving my inner child and giving her comfort and care. #innerchildlove

Do you have a special tradition that makes your heart sing, that brings out YOUR inner child? I’d love to know! 🦋

May your heart be filled with love, gratitude and joy. 💗

✨Journey with me through a month of grace. Every day through the month of December I record a short episode on my podcast to share inspirations and thoughts all about grace. Join me and listen in 🦋
AND I have something really cool sleigh bell ringing soon as well ✨🔔🛷✨

Sending blessings to you all.

Nadine 🌹

Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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