Be wise whom you share your dreams and vision with

Be wise about whom you share your vision and dreams with. 🙌

There’s a certain power in not sharing with people when you are in the process of creation, especially in the beginning, when things are still very raw and vulnerable that even the slightest amount of scepticism, objection, or criticism can destroy it.

I wonder how many awesome things haven’t been created or invented, how many books, poems and songs haven’t been written, how many times we said no to something when it actually was a hell yes, just because we shared our vision with people who themselves never dared to dream big or who simply couldn’t imagine big.

Here’s the thing, people almost always “judge” from a space of limited perception, from their own perspective, meaning they have a certain set of beliefs based on what they think is possible, based on what they’ve experienced in life so far.

And most people are very limited in their way of thinking and believing in opportunities, because they simply can’t see it for themselves. It’s not that they don’t wish us the best, they just can’t picture it. Or they can picture but feel uncomfortable because when they see you go for your dreams, they are also being called to go for their dreams and that is scary for a lot of people. So sometimes people talk us out of opportunity, because they don’t want us to change because THEY don’t wanna change.

All that to say: be discerning of who you let into your realm of creation and manifestation, babe!
It’s a sacred process. Don’t let anyone trample on your dreams. ❤️

BTW: it’s good to share with like-minded people, ladies, but in a safe and fun space. 😉🙌

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Let’s go for opportunities, let’s go big, shall we?!

Nadine 🌹

Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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