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How SOMBA Kickstart with Sigrun has changed my life and business

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This is what I’ve created within only 1 year of finally getting the right support and taking that leap of faith to invest (one more time) into my business.

I was so hesitant to invest in another business program, knowing all those other self-study courses I’ve done before only got me so far. Most of them I didn’t even finish. 😏 like most of us don’t, let’s just be honest about that! 😉
Not having the right support and community can literally ruin your business. And trust me, you don’t wanna risk that.
So what’s the other option, then? – Well, exactly, risk anyway by investing right!
When I finally got out of my own way and understood that
  1. doing it alone sucks big time
  2. trying to outsmart a program for business that actually works because I’m doubting that I would make the money back is simply self-sabotage
I finally saw what was possible. 🙌😁
This time I learnt how to do it right with the right mentor.
Way back in 2018, when I joined Sigrun’s workshop and she opened cart for joining SOMBA I didn’t take that leap of faith.
I didn’t wanna pay that amount of money at that time (scarcity mindset) and I thought to myself: “I can also do it by myself.”
Well, that turned out not so well! 😅😏
Because I lost my point of focus very early on and found myself back where I was…
I spent 3 years of doing that… 3 years of trying to do it all alone (gosh, ego and a bit of unhealthy pride can really trap us 😅)
So anyways, 3 later 😱 – yes 3 fricking years of being lost without any guidance on how to do business right I was so done and decided to simply go for it:
And let me tell you, within only 10 weeks I had an email list, a 4-week online course and clients that have bought my up-sell. (Something I couldn’t figure out how to do in 3 years)
And then, within only one year, I designed
  • 3  4-week online courses,
  • 1  5-day course,
  • 1 workshop
  •  two 1-1 online coaching
    programs! 💗🙌😁

And here they are:

Embrace Your Feminine - 4-week online course
My first 4-week online course in February 2021


RECLAIM – 1-1 Coaching program
My first up-sell after Embrace Your Feminine, my first 4-week online course


3 Secrets to Loving & Dating Yourself First Workshop
My first workshop that I did in June 2021. The first time I used Google Ads for promotion


Feminine Flow – Free 4-Week Online Course by Nadine Kuehn
Feminine Flow: It was my second free 4-week online course in July/August 2021. It was a huge success. The ladies and I were in FLOW 🙂


SACRED WOMB - 1-1 Signature Program by Nadine Kuehn
SACRED WOMB: My upsell after FEMININE FLOW. It was a huge success. My first 5-figure launch 🙂


Sacred Anger - The 5-day online workshop that brings from nice girl to wild woman
Sacred Anger: I tried something new and in September 2021 I designed this 5-Day Online Workshop


She's Worthy - a 4-week online course for women back to worthiness and self-love
She’s Worthy: (my 3rd round of SOMBA Kickstart) In February 2022 I created this Masterpiece and it was very deep and transformational not only for my ladies but also for me.


It’s crazy how much is actually possible when you invest in the right program with great coaches and mentors, a community of like-minded people and the guidance and support, the accountability and the momentum that you need in order to succeed.
So, my dear, if you read this and you find yourself in the same situation like I was 2 years ago, then this is your little wake-up call to pivot and do something different.
The program that has changed everything for me is called SOMBA Kickstart with Europe’s #1 business mentor Sigrun
If you feel the call and wanna know more, then click my partner link and find out if it’s right for you.
Amazing bonuses are waiting for you, too. So, it’s your call now!
Not sure if it’s right for you? Send me a DM and let’s talk! 😁
Nadine 🌹
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