A Month of Grace – Day 31 – Give Yourself A New Life
A Month of Grace - A New Life


Welcome to day 31 of Journeying Through a Month of Grace.

Today we give ourselves A NEW LIFE.
Happy 2023! You can always start fresh, you don’t need to wait for a new year to change, pivot or start anew. Design your life as you want to and when you want to.
A new year – as we celebrate it in the “Western World” – has a certain momentum that we can make use of.

The hopes are high, the expectations are high, but also the pressure is up. But we don’t wanna do pressure. GRACE does not allow for negative pressure. Ask yourself

What would grace do?
What would grace say?
how would grace love and respond?”


Design your new Life as you want


As you design your new life, feel as if you’re already living it, and then start living that new life. And be aware of what you let in and what you need to let out and go. Become the LIFE you wanna live.

I wanna close this special Bonus edition with some wonderful words of wisdom and affirmation by Ernest Holmes from the book: This Thing Called You. 🙂

I expect everything I do to prosper.
I enthusiastically expect success.
I let good flow into my experience.
I am seeing good in every direction I look.
I am looking forward to more good.
I am entering into a deeper understanding of life.
I am recognizing my union with all people and all events.
I carefully guard my thought.
I refuse to permit anything antagonistic or unlovely to enter my consciousness.
I am learning to live in joy, in peace and in calm confidence.
I am putting my whole trust, faith and confidence in the good.
I think with clarity, move with ease, and accomplish without strain.“ – Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You, Chapter VIII

So today, give yourself a new life.

Namaste and thank you for being part of this journey. I appreciate you.


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Love, Nadine


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