Doors to SOMBA Kickstart are officially open

I’m so excited for myself and all the women and some men 😉 that have already joined SOMBA Kickstart 2023. ❤️

I’ve done SOMBA Kickstart before. 3 times to be precise. And I’m joining for the 4th time. 🥳

Now, you might wonder:

“Why does she do that? If SOMBA Kickstart was a success the 1st time, why join a 2nd, 3rd and even 4th time?”

I understand that question.

It’s pretty simple. The first time, in January 2021, I had no idea what to do and how to do it. I wasn’t sure on my ideal client and also I had such horrible self-doubt that had made me procrastinate for 3 years. Trust me, you don’t wanna waste so much time.

It wasn’t until I joined SOMBA Kickstart where I got very clear on everything: my message, my ideal client, my vision… because Team Sigrun and the fellow participants held me accountable. And you need someone to be there, it takes a village!

I suddenly saw the endless opportunities because of others who have done it before me and all of a sudden I was no longer alone.

Before I started Kickstart: I had no email list and felt lost in the tech jungle which would change only 2 weeks into Kickstart. I saw results right away. That was mind-blowing and so exciting.

Long story short:
As a result of my 1st Kickstart round I made $5k which I reinvested.

When I joined the 2nd time:
My business had changed because of my online business journey.

Kickstart was a great opportunity as a Coach and Healer to check out my audience and also reach and serve more people.

I wanted to grow my email list and also get into the amazing momentum of this process.
It’s always good to repeat things that work. 😁🙌

Plus the community of Kickstart is simply priceless. You need people that are doing similar things and that can cheer you on.

As a result of my 2nd round of Kickstart I had my first 5-figure launch in August/September 2021. That was huge for me. 🙌
And I reinvested 😁

I again saw what was possible, and that there’s even more possible than I thought.

3rd time I joined because my message changed and also my ideal client. SOMBA Kickstart is great to give you that boost in your business and fo it all over again.

Everytime I learnt something new.

And it is fun. Yes, it’s work but when you love doing what you do, you wanna invest that time and energy. When you have a mission that is greater than you.

And now I’m joining for 4th time simply because I have changed and so did my business. I took a break from launching an online course in 2023 because I needed some rest and recalibrate.

More on that topic in another post. 😉

But I’m back, fully energized and excited to what’s about to come. Feeling the call to go bigger. I even became an affiliate for Sigrun since I believe in the program so much. 💗

Join if you feel the call, too! And get my bonuses on top.

Use my partner link.
I’m happy to guide you through those 10 weeks ❤️

It’s gonna be a life-changing experience!


Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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