For far too long women have been trained to be nice and good

For far too long, women have been trained to be “good” and “nice”
instead of being in their power and using their voice with confidence.
The reclamation of our voice and our power within is a path that is sacred, and a journey every woman at some point in her life has to embark on, eventually.
If we, as women, don’t follow this calling, if we succumb to the temptation of the easy way out, being complacent to societal norms without going through the burning fires of initiation and reclamation, of the true life, we will slowly but steadily die inside.
We’ll become an empty shell, run dry by the expectations of others, of our families, lovers and friends, of our culture and society, of a world that lives by hypercritical standards.
The easy way out is convenient and tempting, it’s almost too sweet to refuse, but it’s also digging our own graves, benighted, and burying our dreams, joys and passions for a false sense of belonging and safety, for an illusion, a lie.
We have to walk through the fires to be cleansed, throw away the “good” and “nice” and reclaim what’s been ours all along. Remembering where we come from.
This is a wonderful season to go on that deep quest to self.
Nadine 🌹
Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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