137: Full Moon in Pisces & Card Reading – Full Moon Musings
137 - Full Moon in Pisces & Card Reading - Full Moon Musings-Natural Woman Alchemy


Seasons Shift

Hey beautiful, the moon is full and she shines her light on everything hidden. Everything that we have not acknowledged about ourselves has not a chance to be looked at from a different perspective.

Seasons shift: the Autumn/spring Equinox is happening at the same time as the moon is full of herself. What a powerful combination. With a change in season there’s a change in feeling, there’s a collective need to change and clean up. So, if you feel so, go ahead and cleanse your home.

The moon is in Pisces, a water sign, that means a lot of emotions and we have double water, since the moon rules water. Don’t forget that our bodies are 75 % of water. Keep yourself hydrated, I see so many people not drinking enough water. (and no not coffee, tea or other beverages, drink pure and clean water and if you can avoid plastic bottles at all costs.

This full moon will only amplify what already is. So, how do you spend your time, what things to do put your attention on the most?

Do you need to make some changes? Because this moon in Pisces will reveal what’s not working.

On a different note, there are many aligning with abundance and wealth consciousness and moving away from lack mentality and poverty consciousness.

Prosperity is an ongoing theme this year and is reaching its high in the next couple of weeks.

Tune in for more and also get your card reading.

Time Stamps:

  • Card 1 – 24:22 – 42:29
  • Card 2:  42:30 – 57:14
  • Card 3 57:15 – 1:14:00


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  • The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson

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