077: Full Moon Musings – Samhain/Halloween, Full Moon in Taurus, Magick, Ancestors, Goddess Invocation
077 Full Moon Musings - Samhain:Halloween, Full Moon in Taurus, Magick, Ancestors, Goddess Invocation - Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn



It’s Samhain/Halloween – the celebration of the dead and ancestors and I invite you to join me on a deep dive into the true meaning of it all. This beautiful Celtic and Pagan holiday coincides with the second full moon in October: The Hunter’s moon/Blood Moon and Blue Moon.

Ancestors, spirits, witches, fairies and all things otherworldly are being very present around this time of year.

The veil to the other world is very thin and we have the best access to connect to ancestors and celebrate them.

In this episode of Full Moon Musings I talk about the origin of Samhain, debunking the myths about Halloween and bad or evil spirits. I give you many inspirations for rituals you can do on this special holy day and which Goddesses to particularly connect with at this time.

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