105: Go Big for Your Dreams – Full Moon in Leo
Go Big for your Dreams - Full Moon in Leo - Full Moon Musings - Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn


Let us not procrastinate any longer – Our dreams are too big to just wait and see

My beautiful ladies, the first full moon in 2021 and it comes with a lot of fast forward-moving energy. This so-called wolf moon encourages us to really step into our power, call it back if we have given it away to other people, situations, or fantasies, and really take a stance for what we believe in, what we dream of and moving toward that direction.

Listen in, because I also give you a great and powerful water ritual you can do today and really anytime you feel called to do.

Happy full moon in Leo – May all the power that resides in you lead you to your treasure. I’m rooting for you. Always.

Love, Nadine

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