170: How to Use Your Human Design in Business and Career with Maike Gabriela – Goddess Talk
Maike Gabriela - Episode 170 How to Use your Human Design in Business and Career


Human Design in Work & Business

This episode is jam-packed. Have you ever wondered how your Human Design impacts your career and business? Then you’re in for a treat.

In this episode I interview Maike Gabriela. She’s a Human Design Reader and Advisor with a huge following on social media.

A long time coming

We recorded this interview in April 2021, then I thought I had lost the audio file until I found it recently. I was so happy because I knew it would be simply amazing.

And I’m so glad that I can share this interview now. It’s divine timing and if you wanna learn more about Human Design and its impact on your career and business then this episode is for you.

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