Invitation to be You

Invitation to be YOU
#repost from a year ago
“Am I weird or am I just being myself?
“Nadine, you’re weird….”

…my hairdresser said to me when I told her that I don’t want those synthetic sprays in my hair, when I told her that I’m vegan, and that I love things to be as natural as possible.
She didn’t mean it in a bad way. But it got me thinking because I heard that a lot in my life. I have very different perspectives as the mainstream, and I don’t shy away from telling people what my truth is. Which got me into a lot of trouble in the past.
I love giving card readings.
I love giving card readings.
So here it is, I guess that’s why I’m weird:
🍓I’m a highly sensitive person, which means I’m not just an empath but I perceive the world differently (well, actually everybody does, let’s be honest 😉.)
🍎I walk in many dimensions at the same time – which we all do btw, but I’m aware of it, and trust me: walking in THIS dimension is way harder than being in those other ones. 😉🤪
🍇 I talk to animals – I wish everybody would open their hearts to hear them. We’d be in a total different place of human evolution.
🍒I can scan people’s bodies, I know/smell/feel and see what’s going on with them. That irritated me for many years, not anymore.
🍊I see patterns and dynamics. I see energy.
🍉I talk to spirits. Yes, I do. And it’s not scary. 😉
🍑 I’m clair-cognizant, clair-sentient, clair-audient, clair-voyant.
(There’s so much we don’t know.)
🍍People feel triggered by me without me doing anything (that’s my right angle cross of tension speaking, and born on Pluto line).
Many years ago that would make me doubt myself, and honestly it still does from time to time, but I got to learn how to embrace it.
🍋I prefer to be alone rather than in a big crowd of people. Just not for me. It depends on the crowd, though 🎈
🍅I love deep connection over food, music, dance and fun activities which makes me actually very normal. 😁
🍈I’m quite silly.
🫐I do things differently, completely. I start in the middle or sometimes at the end, I learnt how to claim this as a real power of mine.
🥭I’m vegan. (Almost 9 years now) and my favorite kinda sweet is date with tahini 🤤
🥑I love beauty in every expression.
🎶I’m that woman with crystal singing bowls dreaming of her own sound bath studio and a retreat center in the mountains 🏔
I love being me 🍒
📸 @malayabranding ❤️
Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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