It was when I was with myself that I learnt how to love myself

So very often we tend to to lose ourselves in relationships.
So very often it’s us women who slowly but surely get enmeshed. There are many reasons for that which I’m not going into right now. But I’ll definitely talk about it on my podcast soon.

When I look back, I see this woman, trying to be loved and liked – for someone who I was not and to be honest, never wanted to be. So the more I tried to be loved and liked by being someone else, the emptier I felt inside, and the less I liked and loved myself. Makes sense, right?!

When we pour our whole love into someone else there’s nothing really much left. I experienced that and needless to say it drained me. Fact is, it was all me doing it, it was me being responsible for that. I mean no one forced me. It’s something I have picked up on in my childhood, which I wasn’t even aware of.

Taking full responsibility for our life, our actions and choices is something we gotta own. And we need to go inward to face our shadows. We can blame someone else for the rest of our lives and waste our entire energy. It’s our choice.
Tend to your own garden 🕊💙

The time when I truly sat with myself, I mean really being with myself, including the ugly parts, that was the catalyzing moment that changed the whole trajectory. Turned out the “ugly” parts needed love the most, like hungry ghosts.

And that is why I do the work that I’m doing, working with amazing women who also want more and live their full potential and heal themselves, heal their relationships, and thus heal the collective.

Self-love is something we have to train and commit to every single day. Some days are better, some days simply need more pouring into our own cup. And that is okay.

No one else will fill the void. The void is the ultimate teacher of self love.

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Nadine 🌹

Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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