My most important Lesson in 2022

2022 in review: My probably most important lesson in 2022 was “I am my HOME”, “I belong to myself. I BELONG.”

Creating stability within myself and surrendering that which I cannot control.
Life threw some great curve balls this year, and I had to learn how to bend and navigate the many storms and how to stay calm in my center when everything seemed to fall apart.

Sometimes I wonder how often things have to fall apart to finally fall together? I guess until we’re completely cracked open?

I had to learn how to trust myself, and my body’s cues when I was so exhausted that I didn’t have any other choice but to rest.

I lost half of my hair and had a proper burnout in the beginning of the year (all after having the c-virus) which led me to postpone and cancel my launches.
I had to embrace “failure” and let go of my big dream plan for 2022. And I tell you, the Virgo in me had a really hard time accepting that. 😉

It was sad but needed. Because obviously I had overlooked some patterns that we’re playing out in the background and definitely not to my benefit.

Taking care of the parts in me that needed more healing, more loving, more nurturing. It was a different kind of level of learning to love myself.

And then there was a love I was so certain about, and yet life had different plans for us.

Embracing “failure” and loss once again. Heartbreaking.
But: I AM my home.

Still standing,
deeply rooted in myself.
That’s a new level of stability which I have cultivated over the years by facing the storms and tending my garden. The inner work of the past years is paying off.

I now love my short hair and I’m grateful for the many lessons in surrender, knowing that joy and grief can co-exist and both are important teachers.

I AM my HOME. 🙌

Nadine 🌹

Btw: I’m releasing my 2022 in review blog very soon. I love being part of this wonderful challenge. A big thanx to Sympatexter for giving us the inspiration to review our year in such a different and holistic way. Love it. It is so much fun 💗🙂

📸 Fotoatelier Maria Seehafer
❤️ Winter, 2020

Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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