She Needs Your Presence

But ladies, I’m not only addressing your man here, I’m actually addressing YOUR inner masculine.

SHE needs YOU to show up present and non- judgmental.

The quality of relationship your inner masculine has with your inner feminine and vice versa is crucial for all relationships we have in our life.

If your inner masculine is only goal oriented, ego driven, and running like a machine on steroids there won’t be any space for your IM to truly hold space for your IF.

Your IM would wanna fix things impatiently to simply get things over with and issues out of the way, so that your IM is relieved of the huge pressure he feels when problems occur.

Masculine energy is about doing and fixing. And that certainly has its place. We need it for sure. But if it gets out of balance it is deteriorating for both the feminine and the masculine.

This is something your IF craves so much: PRESENCE.
It’s what makes her feel safe. And this is how she opens up to give her heart to the world and pour love into everything she touches.

So, tune in: How’s your inner masculine doing today?

I highly urge you to really get in touch with both energies within you.
It is a game changer for all your relationships. 💗

Nadine 🌹

Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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