157: The Art of Self-Pleasure
The Art Of Self-Pleasure - Natural Woman Alchemy Podcast-Nadine Kuehn_Post


Taboo or not?

Everyone’s doing it, and yet we don’t talk about it enough.

I strongly believe that self-pleasure (the deep and juicy one, not the surface level kind) can liberate us and make us enjoy life more. It really IS an art.

This episode was a long time in the making. And finally, it is here. May it inspire you, may it remind you of the amazing Goddess that you are and that you deserve to feel good and sexually and sensually fulfilled.

In this episode I look at different perspectives of (self-) pleasure.

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  • my story – coming out of body shame and shame around my sexuality
  • why reclaiming our sensuality and sexuality is so crucial
  • we need to have an open conversation about sexuality, sexual shame
  • religion and pleasure & why I’ve distanced myself from religion
  • stages of pleasure
  • types of pleasure
  • Making it an art: making love to yourself and the world
  • manifesting through self-pleasure & orgasm
  • tapping into your radiance by allowing yourself to enjoy pleasure
  • healing yourself & your relationships through conscious (self-) pleasure
  • how to allow for more & conscious (self-) pleasure
  • the mind-blowing benefits of (self-) pleasure
  • drawback of surface level and shallow pleasure



Enjoy listening, beautiful!

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