Thriving Sisters Is Here


It’s finally here: My new 4-week online-course

This has been a long time coming and it is with my utmost joy that I can now share it with you. ❤️
And it doesn’t matter if it’s one day delayed – thank you for all beautiful messages btw – I feel like a new me today!

But let me tell you more about my course:

Thriving Sisters – 4-week Online Course with Nadine

The most amazing thing about it is: it’s for free for the 1st round I’m running it🌹💃🏻

You can register here

We’re starting February 20. ✨

🌹 In those 4 weeks we create a safe space for you to express yourself authentically and vulnerably in the presence of like-minded and open-hearted women.

This group experience will deepen your connection with yourself and with the women in your life.

🌹 You’ll learn how to build a thriving network of sisterhood, long-lasting relationships and flourishing connections with women who you can trust and rely on.

🌹 You’ll learn how to be more open to receive support, to ask for help & to be truly seen and heard, so that you don’t ever have to feel alone again.

🌹 You’ll also heal any residue and feelings of hurt, resentment, jealousy and competition so that you can be free and thrive with your sisters.

✨ If you are an empathic or highly sensitive woman who wants to build stronger connections and more authentic bonds with other women to receive overflowing support, heal together in a safe space, and create thriving networks of sisterhood and abundance, then this course is for you. ✨

And I’d love for you to infuse this wonderful group of women with your beautiful energy. 🌹

Register for free today and also invite as many sisters as you want🙏🏼

I can’t wait to see you. 🥰

Nadine 🌹


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Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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