When women get the right support they’re unstoppable

Women are meant to be in community and meant to be supported by other women, their family and their community. ❤️

Unfortunately, our modern world doesn’t really support this truth, and as a result of it most of us have learnt to fight on our own and do it all by ourselves. This is exhausting.

It’s slowly making us feel dead inside, because we can only do and give so much.

We thrive on support and guidance and the right structure.

When women start their own businesses they easily get overwhelmed with all tasks at hand that most of those businesses don’t make after only one year.

And the reason for that is a lack of support, direction, clarity and structure.

As most of you probably know by now, when I joined my business mentor Sigrun and her amazing signature program SOMBA Kickstart in January 2021, I signed up for it because of all the things I just talked about, and got exactly that.

The structure, the guidance, and the support I needed.

Many women think they can do it on their own or with the help of self-study courses which they never finish because there’s no accountability, and I was one of them before.

I invested here and there and still after all I found myself in same old space. And I wanted to give up.
Yes, making the wrong investment can literally kill your business.

The doors to SOMBA Kickstart are open and will close tomorrow on Thursday at 10pm CET.

So if you think of joining, book a free 15-minute call with me and I’ll tell you whether I think this program is right for you or not.

Having done SOMBA Kickstart 3 times myself and as an affiliate partner of this program you can tell how much I believe in it. And I want all women to know about this great opportunity and to start and/or grow their online business.

So, let’s hop on a call and get that clarity. (Link in my bio @nadinekuehnholistic)

Nadine 🌹

Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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