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Women want to feel safe

Like many women I wanna feel safe and secure. When I feel safe and secure my nervous system calms down and I can relax. I’m then more open to life, and all its opportunities, and I’m also more playful and curious which is a great state to be in.

Part of what makes me feel safe is to actually plan ahead of time, to have a plan, a direction. No matter if I will follow through with all of it or not – because let’s be honest, life happens.
But exactly because life happens it’s good to consciously create, rather than creating by default.

And since I have my own business, especially with my adhd brain 😉, I have come to understand how essential it is to plan ahead of time and to have a clear direction.

It not only gives me clarity which means less procrastination 😊 peace of mind 😀) but also a great sense of security and safety, which is so important for my inner feminine.
It calms down my nervous system when I actually know what I’m going to do.

And it also feels good to me that I can provide this level of safety and security for myself. I don’t need another person to do this for me. Being the boss of my own life… It feels so freaking good.

So, where are all my fellow coaches, boss babes in business and soon-to-be-boss-babes out there?! ❤
Because I’ll be joining my mentor Sigrun‘s 3-Day live Planning Workshop and I invite you to join, too. She’s an expert in it and it’s the 9th time that she’s running this annual event. So, it obviously works. 😉

It feels good to have a plan, especially in uncertain and challenging times. Our nervous system will be so grateful. 🙂 Let’s make 2023 our greatest year yet! It is totally possible.
We owe it to ourselves, our businesses, our lives, and the people we serve.

BTW: If you use my link for signing up ( in the comments 👇), you’re gonna get a wonderful gift from me on top, because I love giving thanks. #thanksgiving YAY 😃 Simply send me your receipt after your purchase and I got you. ❤

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Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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