150: Wounds To Wings – The Summit with Blanca Vergara
Blanca Vergara - Podcast - Natural Woman Alchemy


Wanna give your besties and sisters something special for International Women’s Day? Then you’re in for a treat. Join Blanca and I for a wonderful talk about how to heal our wounds and turn them into wings. You’re invited to:

Join us for the
March 7-9, 2022
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Presenters and Special appearances
  • Anne Baring
  • Iris Wangermann
  • Susanna Liller
  • Theresa Dintino
  • Anne van der Giessen
  • Nadine Kuehn
  • Faye Blake
  • Veronica Goodchild
  • Jane Bennett

This cannot come at a better time!In a time where we all need each other more than ever.

Get your free ticket free here and invite your sisters, mother, aunties, mother in law, collegues and spread the word. Together we rise.


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