You’ll never be ready. – Just do it!

Overthinking and over-analyzing, waiting for that perfect moment, that perfect sign…

“When I have enough certificates, I can finally start.”

“When the kids are having their own lives, I can finally do what I wanna do.”

“I need to first make x amount of money to invest in myself and my dreams.”

And the list of limiting beliefs goes on and on and on. Sound familiar?

So many women wait for that perfect moment, for that clear cut sign and for another degree and another one to finally allow themselves to go for their dreams.

What if ready doesn’t really exist?

What if we use it as an excuse to play small.

It can sometimes be very risky and it may take us on a roller coaster of all sorts of emotions.
But I tell you from my own experience that whenever I deny do strongly about something it was worth the risk. It meant that it means something to me and that there might be something on the other side that I cannot yet see but maybe sense or anticipate, a sort of liberation, a new level! 😁🙌

Let’s stop procrastinating and start living, let’s make mistakes along the way and learn from them, let’s risk a little more and stop being hesitant.

If you have big goals and dreams and a vision and you wanna start your online business or take it to the next level, then I highly suggest my business mentor Sigrun’s signature course to support you on this journey. 💗🙌

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Believe a little more in yourself today and just do it for a change. (Talking to myself here 😂😉)

Nadine 🌹

Nadine Kuehn

Nadine Kuehn

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