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Make 2024 Your Greatest Year!

Amazing Christmas Present for Women with an Online Business or Aspiring to Start One


12 + 1 Live Masterclasses

Exciting news! My business mentor, Sigrun, and I have collaborated to bring you a double dose of goodness this Christmas season.

Dear amazing ladies out there! Listen up! Are you ready to make 2024 the year of your dreams? Well, we’ve got something special brewing, and it’s just for you! It doesn’t matter if you’re a boss babe with an online business or you’re still figuring it all out, or maybe you just feel that spark inside that tells you there’s more to life. Maybe you want to turn your hobby into something more. Whatever your situation, we’ve got the perfect Christmas bundle that will fire up your passion and take you to the next level! Trust us, this is not something to miss!

And this is What's Included in the Christmas Bundle

12 Masterclasses with Sigrun

Everything You Need to Know for Your Online Business
: Are you considering starting an online business or looking to take your existing one to the next level? Join us for 12 Masterclasses with Sigrun, where you'll gain expert insight into everything you need to know. This exclusive event runs from December 25th to January 5th.

1 Bonus Masterclass with Me

Unlock the power within you and conquer the fear that holds you back from sharing your voice with the world in this transformative masterclass: "Share Your Voice with the World Even Though You're Scared." Join us for an empowering journey designed to help you embrace your authentic self and communicate confidently.

My Self-Care Advent Calendar

Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with our delightful self-care advent calendar! Elevate your days with affirmations that sparkle, tranquil meditations, wholesome plant-based recipes, rejuvenating self-care tips, and thought-provoking journal prompts. Anticipate daily surprises, creating a haven of self-love amidst the festive hustle.

how it works

  • You sign up for my bonus masterclass Radiant Confidence in 2024
  • You then sign up for Sigrun’s 12 Days of Masterclasses (I will provide the link once you have signed up with me)
  • You are now all set plus on top of it you get my amazing digital self-care advent calendar.

Ready to be radiantly confident in 2024?

My Bonus Masterclass happening on January 6th

pink background, woman with long brown hair and a white blazer looking confidently in the camera: the words read: Radiant Confidence in 2024

Every woman has a message worth sharing, a voice that is uniquely her own. However, I understand that it can be challenging to speak out. Fear often keeps us from sharing our message with the world. In my year-long experience as a voice and transformation coach I’ve witnessed hundreds of women feeling scared to use their voice.  And that’s why I wanna bring to you my amazing Masterclass Radiant Confidence in 2024.

  1. Understanding Fear
    Identifying Your Personal Barriers, Common Fears in Sharing Your Voice
  2. Building Confidence
    Self-Reflection Exercises, Positive Affirmations, Setting Realistic Goals
  3. Developing Your Message
    Finding Your Authentic Voice,  Crafting Compelling Narratives, Embracing Vulnerability
  4. Practical Techniques
    Public Speaking Tips, Effective Communication Strategies, Handling Criticism Constructively.

Join me for an empowering journey designed to help you embrace your authentic self and communicate confidently, especially when you have an online business.

And Now Ladies…

here are all 12 Amazing Masterclasses you get with Sigrun

You can pick your favorite(s) or you can watch them all. It’s up to you. 🙂

Can You Actually Create A Six Figure Online Business In One Year?

Why does it work for some and not for others? In this masterclass we dive into the actions that successful women entrepreneurs use every day- no matter what's going on in the world around them.

How To Transform Your Knowledge & Expertise Into A Thriving Online Business

Do you already know something that could be turned into an online course? Perhaps even that favourite subject of yours! In this masterclass we explore how to turn what you know, or your expertise and experience into a profitable online business.

Create An Online Offer That Sells Like Hot Cakes In Any Economy

In this masterclass I will cover the little-known secrets of making sales no matter the economic circumstances, so you aren’t tempted to discount your offers, or even stop selling completely!

How To Go From Selling To 1:1 Clients.. To Selling To Many

In this masterclass I will show you how to break free from the time-for-money trap, with the easy steps to go from selling 1:1 to selling group programs & masterminds. You’ll make more money, with less work AND serve your clients even better.

Explode Your Email List with the Ultimate Freebie

The foundation of every online business is an active and growing email list. In this masterclass we explore that the best way to get people to sign up for your email is to have an irresistible freebie that is so good that people would love to pay for it.

Unleash Your Online Business Potential with AI

Learn how to use artificial intelligence to 10x your productivity when it comes to creating and editing content and courses. This masterclass will equip you with an AI toolkit and strategies to grow a successful online business.

The Truth About Multiple & Passive Revenue Streams

For many years the ‘holy grail’ of the online coaching industry has been to achieve multiple and passive revenue streams… but what does this really mean and how does this actually work? And what is an ‘evergreen funnel’? In this masterclass I give you the inside scoop.

How To Plan One Month Of Content & Social Media… in 60 Minutes

In this masterclass you will discover my tips for getting original content planned quickly - for blog posts, social media, video, podcast and much much more.

From Zero To Multiple Seven Figures - The Truths That Nobody Tells You

In this masterclass I will take you behind the scenes of my multiple 7 figure online business and show the real facts about how it works, how it all started and where it is going. I’ll be revealing all about my mistakes and my successes.

Morning Routines & Mindsets You Need For Online Business Success

Discover the uncommon mindsets, beliefs, habits (and even my surprising morning routine) that have helped me to grow a successful online business.

Find The Perfect Online Course Idea In Less Than An Hour

Wondering what you can make your online course about? And how can you ensure that the online course will be a success? Join this masterclass for the fastest way to figure out the best online course idea.

The Ultimate Masterclass - Stepside the Mistakes and Get the Right Strategies

Discover the common mistakes that can stall your online business growth and learn actionable strategies to dodge them. This is the ultimate masterclass to guide you to navigating the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

woman with long blond hair in a red blazer, smiling confidently at the camera

Introducing my business Mentor Sigrun

Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, International Speaker

Sigrun is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship. She is the leading business mentor for female online entrepreneurs in Europe, TEDx speaker, and host of the Sigrun Show podcast. Originally from Reykjavik, Iceland, she has spent more than half her life outside her home country; in Germany, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Since she was a young girl she’s always been drawn to leadership roles, so despite having zero business background nor the education, she made a life-changing phone call and asked to become the CEO of a software company shortly after finishing her master’s degree in architecture – and she got the job!

Ten years, another three master’s degrees, and several CEO roles later, Sigrun found herself in Switzerland with her newfound love but sick and unemployable. Her dream was to be location independent so she could split her time between Iceland and Switzerland, travel the world, and take care of her health. So in 2014, Sigrun started her online business and quickly built a multiple 7 figure coaching business. With a membership, coaching programs and masterminds she helps women from all over the world start, build, and scale their online businesses to 6 and 7 figures.


Hi beautiful, it's Nadine!

Encouraging Women to Embrace Their Authentic Selves

With my background as a certified Medical Intuitive, voice coach, singer and healer, I have the expertise to coach and mentor women seeking transformation. My aim is to help women build positive and healthy relationships with their bodies, recognize their inherent worth, and accept themselves as they are. I am committed to leading women on an empowering journey of self-discovery and reclamation back to joy and vitality, where they can unlock their full potential and reconnect with their femininity, strength, and confidence. I use a holistic approach that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul. I facilitate healing, self-expression, and the activation of their voices.

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Special Bonus Time

Sign up for free today and get this amazing gift on top!

Advent Calendar

Step into the holiday season with my enchanting self-care advent calendar! I just love the Holiday season and I wanna share my joy with you.
Sign up for my Bonus Masterclass and the 12 DoM with Sigrun and unwrap daily emails filled with the magic of self-love and well-being.
Discover the warmth of daily affirmations, soothing meditations, delectable plant-based recipes, empowering self-care tips, and inspiring journal prompts.
Embrace the spirit of the season as a Christmas enthusiast, and let me share the joy and love to make your holidays stress-free and filled with bliss. Unveil special surprises each day, creating a sanctuary of self-care amid the festive rush. Join me in making this holiday season truly magical!

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