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Embrace Your Lunar Essence: A Moon Phase Calendar for Aligning & Harmonizing with Your Feminine Cycle.
Be Attuned to Nature’s Rhythms and Seasons and Make Luna Your Steady Companion Throughout the Year.

Hey beautiful, I'm Nadine

I carefully crafted this moon phase calendar as an attempt to live more in alignment with our feminine cyclical nature that is so connected to the lunar cycles. 

It will help you be in tune with your intuition and track your own menstrual cycle, so you can better understand the different energies that are at play during each lunar cycle and menstrual cycle.

By following this calendar, you can learn to harness the power of the moon to achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being, plus you tap into your sacred feminine wisdom through beautiful rituals and self-care practices.

woman smiling into the camera holding and showing a calendar, saying January 2024
I highly recommend printing it out, so you can see it everyday and track your own cycle, while you’re following the lunar cycle phases. It will teach you so much about your inner seasons and how everything is interconnected.

The Benefits

Attuning to the Moon Phases

Live in alignment with the lunar phases. This calendar will tell you what phase and zodiac sign the moon is in each day, which is a powerful tool to navigate life's seasons and challenges.

Tracking your Menstrual Cycle

Monitor your menstrual cycle so you can gain a better understanding of the diverse energies that manifest during each lunar and menstrual cycle.

Living Your Feminine Essence

When you pay attention to the moon phases and track your menstrual cycle, you can reconnect with your feminine essence and live more harmoniously with your sacred feminine nature.

Plus once you have downloaded the Calendar you get this for free:

A Year of Self-Care and Ritual

Let’s do this year together and celebrate our sacred feminine magic.
The Year of Self-Care and Ritual is a very transformative journey.
Together, we experience a year of spiritual exploration, self-reflection, and self-actualization.
We will embrace our inner magic and discover the beauty of sacred feminine energy and tap into a power that we have not yet explored within us.
As your guide, I have created this amazing Lunar Phase Calendar for 2024 to help us stay aligned with the women’s wheel of life. It includes significant dates, tracking of menstrual cycles, and celebrations of astrological events such as solstices, eclipses, and divine feminine festivities.
Throughout the year, I will send you special emails containing gifts, ideas, videos, group call invitations, and gentle reminders to enhance your experience. Together, we will create a safe space to reclaim dormant parts of ourselves and embrace the magic within.
Our journey will culminate in navigating the 12 Rauhnächte at the year’s end, where we will let go of the old and welcome the new.

Download your Lunar Cycle Calendar 2024 and be part of a Year of Self-Care and Ritual

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