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“You’ll never be ready, just do it.” –Sigrun

I have partnered up with my business mentor Sigrun to bring to you her amazing SOMBA Kickstart program that I – hands down – swear on. 

Because with SOMBA Kickstart you’re gonna learn everything you need to know about how to create an online course from scratch and build your email list and grow your business while having fun  and without getting overwhelmed.

Are you a coach, mentor, healer, practitioner and you wanna bring your business to the next level? You wanna go from 1-1 coaching to reaching more people and simultaneously growing your business? 

Maybe you are an artist, musician, writer, photographer and you wanna share your passion with people, and show them how to write bestsellers, or teach them how to sing and write their own music, or show them how to take stunning pictures and using the best light. Or you have an amazing course idea on how to draw faces or flowers. 

Or maybe you are so passionate about cooking and you really want to show people how to eat healthy or create the best vegan recipes. 

Or you are crazy about knitting or sewing and you wanna show people how to make their own clothes. 

Everything, like literally everything, is possible. You can create an online course for everything. The sky’s the limit.

So, what’s your passion? What do YOU wanna share with the world? 

I know that there’s something way bigger inside of you, waiting to emerge. 

And maybe you’ve been flirting with the idea already of starting a business but you just didn’t know where to start, or you’re not sure that the idea is actually a good idea. You feel insecure maybe. And then there’s the tech jungle and you feel defeated before you even start.

Let me tell you. I know this so well because I’ve been there.

How SOMBA Kickstart changed the trajectory of my business & my life

For many years, I was struggling in my business. It didn’t really flow, it was stalling, and I didn’t know where to start, how to work on my business.

 I was overwhelmed by the idea that I had to learn about integration, building a website, leads and everything. Gosh, it was just too much.
The infinite depths of the tech jungle would hold me back. And that was my excuse for many years. I was also overwhelmed by doing everything on my own.

It’s so hard to pick yourself up on those days when things don’t seem to work out. And it’s particularly hard when you are the only person to hold yourself accountable. Doesn’t really work, does it?!

Until January 2021 came around, and I knew I couldn’t go on like this.

I was about to give up, and as fate would have it, Sigrun just offered a 5-day bootcamp. It wasn’t my first bootcamp with her. In 2018 I participated at one of her amazing workshops, and I got so much out of it,  but I didn’t take it to another level way back then. That’s one thing I regret for sure. 

So January 2021 came around and this time I would finally go for it. I signed up for SOMBA Kickstart, and a journey full of adventure would begin.

It was so much fun being part of a great community of like-minded women and some men, and it was fascinating to me what amazing course ideas the other participants had.

It was so interactive and we got great support from Sigrun & her team throughout the entire experience. 

Each of us also had an accountability buddy which is essential if you wanna succeed. I can’t stress this enough.

I said it before, doing it alone is so hard and you’re less likely to make it, because truth be told: on a journey like that you’ll most definitely come up against many limiting beliefs and habitual  patterns that would otherwise hold you back or talk you out of it. 

I signed up to change my business for the better, but what it actually did was it changed me. 

Long story short: I truly enjoyed creating my online course and working with so many incredible women, guiding them throughout the 4 weeks. I learnt about myself that that is actually what I love doing the most. I myself got so much out of it. 

I made many mistakes along the way and things weren’t perfect, but in the end it didn’t matter at all. 

Some of you reading this, you witnessed this journey from the beginning. And to you I’m so grateful. Thank you. 

I learnt to put my inner critic and perfectionist to rest and make space for creativity and its mess. And I was so highly rewarded, not only did I make the amount of money back that I invested, but I have received so much gratitude and love from my lovely ladies that participated in Embrace Your Feminine, my first 4-week online course. And that is truly indispensable. 

After that I was hooked, for the first time in my business I had clarity and a direction. And gosh, how good that felt!!!

Ever since then I learnt so much more and I have participated in SOMBA Kickstart for another 2 rounds. 

And in August/September 2021 I had my first 5-figure launch. WOW! And then I understood what is actually possible.


Perhaps you don’t believe it yourself, but I do.  And I’m here to tell you this.

Your message, your course need to be out there. Because there are people that need it. I mean it!

My love, I know you have so many ideas, and hidden treasures inside of you. And I know that it is not always easy to give them a voice or share them with the world. Because maybe you:

  • Don’t know where to start
  • Feel your idea is not good enough
  • Are overwhelmed by the tech jungle 
  • Have tech phobia
  • Overthink 
  • Are a perfectionist 
  • Tend to procrastinate
  • Have self-doubts
  • Are scared to talk in front of people

Then, I challenge you, this is the perfect way to overcome all of that once and for all. This is how you free yourself.

And I truly believe that this is the right program for you.

You are more than your limiting beliefs. They don’t define you. And I know you got what it takes.

SOMBA Kickstart Journey

Here’s what you get

10 weeks of action-focused input released week by week to make sure you’re never overwhelmed and always on track

2 group coaching and Q&A calls every Thursday (at different times) with TeamSigrun coaches to answer your questions and help you follow through.

2 implementation/co-working calls every Tuesday (at different times) – to help you make even greater progress. 


Support and accountability from our international and mainly European community


Access to a global network of potential clients for your course where we will promote your course for you


Additional tech recommendations and
step-by-step implementation videos to make sure technology is never holding you back


Kickstart mentors who have gone through the process before you and are there to answer your questions and give additional feedback and support


The tested and proven step-by-step Kickstart process to fast track your online business without overwhelm that practically guarantees your success


Get these amazing Bonuses on top.

Bonus 1:


Bonus 2:


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When you decide to invest in yourself and do SOMBA Kickstart, and you purchase through my link, then you get some very special bonuses on top of it. All you have to do is to send me your purchase receipt at and you’re all set.




Don’t be me and wait aka procrastinate for 3 years. It won’t get better, trust me on that  lol
Joining SOMBA Kickstart was the best decision for my business that I could ever make.

Do you wanna join Tanja and other amazing ladies?

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