165: A Heart Wide Open
165 A Heart Wide Open - Natural Woman Alchemy Podcast - Nadine Kuehn



My dear ladies, September has been a month of great blessings, many unexpected changes and emotional challenges, ups and downs, opportunities, and a lot of beauty, joy and love.

No matter where we find ourselves on the spectrum it’s important for us to keep our hearts open.

I’ve recorded a beautiful episode for you and I hope you like.

Let’s be heart warriors.

And as mentioned in the end of the episode, if you have a business idea, or an idea for a creative project, and you wanna share this with other people, or if you are a coach, healer, mentor, practitioner like myself and you are looking for new ways to reach people than I have something that might interest you. I partnered up with my former business coach Sigrun.

She’s launching her amazing Kickstart program where you learn how to create an online course and how to sell it, which is the perfect way for you to start.

It was a game changer for me when I did Kickstart in February 2021. And ever since I’ve done the program my business has grown in so many wonderful ways, I have grown in many wonderful ways.

I was actually partaking in it 3 times, because it was that much fun and because I knew it would be make me grow even more.

And I want you to do the same if you’ve been flirting with the idea of creating your own online course and create a scalable business. Here you can find out more.

If you decide to join via the link provided above, you will also receive my 3-week 1-1 coaching package valued at 1.027 EUR, plus your very special Women Archetype Session valued at 267 EUR.

Don’t miss out on this special offer. If you have questions, contact me at: nadine@shehealsher.com and I’m happy to talk to you.

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