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Hello Beautiful, i'm Nadine

Welcome to She Heals Her. This is a safe place for women for healing & integration, re-connection & empowerment.

I’m a multi-passionate Soulpreneur. I’m a Healer & Medical Intuitive, a Sacred Feminine Coach & Mentor, a Writer & professional Singer.

I’m interested in all things healthy, beautiful, and delicious.

Since 2014 I’ve been working with women from around the globe as a result of my own transformational journey from feeling disconnected and unworthy, suffering from eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression and anxiety, to truly standing in my power and finding my own voice of truth. 

I help women activate their full potential and reconnect with their bodies and feminine essence, so that they can live a life they truly desire.

My focus is on holistic well-being, bringing body, mind, and soul back into alignment.

I’m the founder of She Heals Her and the Host of Natural Woman Alchemy Podcast.

“The embodiment of feminine intuition happens beyond the limitations of intellect and logic. When a woman claims her innate power she knows without a doubt what’s right for her.”

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Because you deserve to be the woman you came here to be.

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In my private coaching & healing you get to choose between different types of programs which are completely tailored to you.

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In my group programs you get to connect with like-minded women and empower each other. We gather in sacred ceremony and grow together.

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