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The Lion’s Gate Portal

Lion's Gate

A Multidimensional Portal of Golden Opportunity

From July 28 to August 12, this multidimensional portal is open for us to activate new timelines, it helps us remember our origin and create a life beyond our dreams.

It opens on July 28 with a massive influx of light codes. During that time we might feel super charged, or emotionally charged, we might feel stirred up or totally refreshed.
No matter where we find ourselves on the spectrum this gateway pushes us into a new way of being and thinking. It is a truly magical time.

8-8 Lion’s Gate – At Its Peak

August 8 is the day when the gate opening is at its peak. This means the Earth, the Sun, Orion’s belt and the star Sirius are all perfectly lined up. When this magnificent alignment happens, the sun is in the powerful sign of Leo – which stands for strength, vitality, and joy – and is therefore called Lion’s Gate.

8-8 in numerology stands for abundance, success and prosperity. This cosmic portal showers us with high frequency energy and is the bringer of immense awakening, spiritual and personal growth and transformation.

The Feminine is rising strong like the Phoenix from the ashes.

For the women collective, this is an opportune time to connect with the burning fires of the sacred feminine. It’s a time for renewal and shedding skins. Many of us are going through some deep transformational times, having transcendental and mystical experiences.
Oh, the wild feminine she’s been activated, for she remembers. She remembers that she is Woman, that she is Goddess, that she is the Oracle. Deep within her soul something has been ignited, an ancient wisdom of her own divinity.

Lion’s Gate closes on August 12.

There’s been a new awakening to our power. Whatever you were calling in during this particular time that has showered all of us with light codes coming from our spiritual Sun, our beloved Sirius star system, seal now all your prayers and manifestations in faith, trust, and love. Don’t forget to move your hips and dance as this will create a vortex to receive your blessings. 🤍🌞

Spend time in nature during this auspicious time and give back to Gaia.
Breathe yourself through the transformation.
Make an offering of your choice.
Sit on the ground. Let your yoni touch the earth.
Breathe in deeply and through your chest receive the light codes.
With your exhale direct the energy through your solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra right into the womb of Mother Earth.
Breathe in from the womb of Mother Earth and let the energy move through your root, sacral, solar plexus chakra, and breathe out through your heart chakra into space.
Hum, chant, sing or howl if that feels good.
Say a prayer if that feels aligned.
Or sit in silence and listen.

Make the most of this time.


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