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May 2024 Review: Lost in Pages

Legs are up against a white wall.

May, the month of vibrant colors, blooming flowers and trees, and the onset of early summer. I love this month. Is the month of romance in my opinion, as everything is in full bloom (and because of Bridgerton season 3 ๐Ÿ™Š).
You will notice that my May 2024 review will be significantly shorter than my other monthly reviews.
So many things are happening on so many levels but they are of a very personal nature and I choose to keep them private.
But I would like to share some of the highlights that made this month particularly memorable.

May 2024 Review
Look at the vibrancy of this gorgeous cornflower! I’m in awe of nature!

Though I won’t delve into all the personal details, I can say that May was a month of growth, reflection, and connection. It reminded me of the beauty that exists in the world and the importance of cherishing the simple joys in life.

I haven’t even taken many pictures in May ๐Ÿ™ˆ, which is quite unusual for me. So there won’t be many pics this time. I try to catch up on that in June. lol

Small apple tree on a willow.
My apple tree is growing strong, spreading her roots. I’m so happy I replanted her last year in my father’s backyard.

Creating Space โ€“ Healing the Nervous System

I’ve been realizing more and more that having the energy to do something doesn’t always mean I should exhaust it all. In the past, I would push myself to engage in numerous activities, but now I understand that much of it stemmed from an overactive nervous systemโ€”a response to past trauma and a world that is always restless.

I suppose many of us unknowingly function with an overactive nervous system, which can eventually result in burnout or may have already caused burnout.
Some of us might not even realize they are experiencing burnout as they are unfamiliar with what it feels like to have full energy levels. It’s actually very sad.

What I know about myself is that I can do many things, and that I can do them swiftly. I have good stamina; I know that under the right amount of pressure I can accomplish things that seem nearly impossible to do. I know I have that excitement it needs, the endurance, and a thirst and hunger to express myself creatively in many ways and forms. Being multi-passionate makes me excel in many fields; and I love that about myself. Manifesting Generator here. ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป

But it can be draining and overwhelming when this drive stems from an unconscious source, especially when we go into autopilot. And that happens more often than we think.

So, I’ve been learning how to maintain my energy. I’ve put a huge focus on staying grounded and regulated, and takes total relearning and rewiring. I’ve been learning that when I want to rush things is when I need to slow down even more.
This might be common sense, but to me it’s a huge thing since it requires a lot or reprogramming, instead of falling into old patterns. And those old patterns can be very sneaky, I tell you. ๐Ÿ˜…

Woman's legs are up against a white wall with green indoor plants.
Bring your legs up! And feel the difference!

I thought I was already adept at self-care and relaxation, but I pierced through another ceiling: I’ve come to a completely new understanding of what it truly means to prioritize myself, to slow down, to take up space.

So yeah, that’s been happening. Between coaching, teaching, admin work, writing, podcasting, and pro bono work, I’m allowing for much more space and I’m still surprised how it reshapes my mindset and thoughts.

And of course I’ve been reading loads of books, hence the title: Lost in Pages. I simply love losing myself in the pages of good books. Oh, it is so refreshing and healing.

And for me, as a business owner, it means not to sign up for this workshop and that training, joining this program and that retreat, it actually is quite the opposite: I say no to most of it. Instead of adding more commitments, I choose to focus on just one business-related program currently, putting everything else on the back burner.

Other Things that have been undergoing transformation

There are many things I do that are not meant for public view, and I’m thrilled to have received additional responsibilities in these community projects. Being involved in a larger cause makes me feel alive, and dedicating my time and energy to these projects and causes fills my heart with so much joy.

I cannot imagine a life without it!

Creating a safe Online Space: delete, delete, delete!

On a total different note: my Instagram and Facebook account have undergone a detox. I suggest everyone do the same by removing accounts that don’t align with your vibe, that clutter your space. Remember, everything carries energy, so keep your online space positive and sacred, whether it’s a personal or business account.
I’ve removed over 100 accounts so far and I’m still not done. I block immediately when I don’t like an energy, I don’t second guess. I simply don’t have time for bullshit, stalkers, energy vampires, and spam.

I personally think that especially we, as women, need to be very mindful about it as we so often become a target of unwanted attention.

It’s crucial to prioritize our mental and emotional well-being, especially in an online space where boundaries can easily be blurred, and people get access to you so easily.
This isn’t about being overly cautious; it’s about self-respect and protecting our peace, and in my case it’s about protecting the space of my business, too.

So, unfollow, mute, or block. If it doesn’t align it has to go!
It’s your space and no-one should have access to you who you do not want in your space or your business.

Celebrating 10 Years Being Vegan

hand holding a red clover

Whoop, whoop! Oh gosh, I don’t know where to start! This definitely calls for an additional blog post. I actually began working on it in May, but then got caught up in other tasks. I plan to publish my 10-Year Vegan Anniversary post soon. I can’t wait to share my journey with you and how it has impacted me in every possible way.

Hopefully, it will inspire you in some way. Those familiar with me know about my strong dedication to advocating for veganism and living a healthier, more natural life.
Veganism is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. One of compassion, love, and care, for oneself, and the entire planet and beyond.
My love and care goes out to our animal kingdom. Since childhood, I have had a deep connection with animals; they, too, deserve to live. To think they are here to sooth our taste buds is such a horrendous idea. We are co-existing with them!

In my upcoming post, I’ll be reflecting on some of the most memorable moments of the past ten years. From the challenges I faced at the beginning to the small victories along the way, every experience has shaped who I am today. I’ll share stories of my favorite vegan dishesโ€“โ€“and I have quite a collection of my own recipesโ€“โ€“, the books and documentaries that have inspired me, and the personal changes I’ve noticed in my health and well-being. I guess it’s gonna be a very long blog article.

Greek style on Greek island. Vegan feta with fresh veggies and figs. Eat the rainbow.

I hope that my journey will resonate with you, whether you’re already vegan, considering the transition, or simply curious about the lifestyle. My goal is to provide insight, encouragement, and perhaps a little inspiration to anyone who reads my story.

a pink plate with a salad and an vegan omelette
Yummy! Easy, delish, healthy! Vegan omelette.

Upping my Exercise Game

I started doing a more intense workout, and it feels good.
But I’ve learnt a lesson. Our bodies need more water than we think.
I went to the gym a couple of weeks ago and afterwards I experienced workout fatigue: I felt feverish and totally weak and exhausted. Not a good sign. I drink a lot of water, but it wasn’t enough. Especially when our bodies go through inner transformation we gotta up our nutrition and water intake.

So, I scanned my body and knew right away that I was lacking essential minerals. Note to self: when you change your workout schedule add more minerals and electrolytes!

In addition to hydration, minerals, proper rest and recovery are as important.

I love stretching, and going deeper into my yoga practice; I listen to my body really carefully, so that I can give her the care she needs which then allows me to push my limits safely and sustainably. Lesson learnt. Again. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

My Podcast Episodes

My Blog Posts

Book Picks of The Month

I’ve been reading more books in May. I want to read as many novels as I can this year. It’s part of my self-care regimen; it’s truly healing. I’ve recored a podcast episode titled “‘Novel’ up your Life”, where I share my top 5 benefits why reading novels is so good for you. I’m so excited about it, and I hope it inspires you to read more fiction as well!

Woman with brunette hair lying on a sofa and holding a book titled "Beach Read"in her left hand.

My latest Lost In Pages article is up where I review the following books:

It’s such a fun project and I love how it came to me so easily. It’s something I simply do for myself for the sake of joy. A big thank you to everyone who shared their feedback. Knowing that it reignited your interest in reading fills me with happiness.

My Outlook for June 2024

  • more nature
  • more sleep & rest
  • more eating greens
  • more slowing down & self-care
  • less pressure, fewer commitments
  • freeing up time and taking up even more space

June will be the preparation for my birthday in July. Over the past few years, I have noticed a pattern where four weeks before my birthday, I undergo a profound period of transformation, reflection, and initiation. This year, I will be hitting the big 40, and I am genuinely looking forward to it!


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