136: Blue Moon Musings & Goddess Card Reading
136 - Blue Moon Musings & Goddess Card Reading 2


This is a bit different from what I usually do in Full Moon Musings, so bear with me and stay open. 😉

There’s a lot of stuff happening and it’s challenging and can be very overwhelming.

This Blue Moon in Aquarius is of a very significant energy. Much more is to come of the what we’ve been seeing in the world. This is a time for bravery and standing up as sovereign beings, helping our sisters and brothers in need. A heartfelt prayer goes a long way.

Here are the timestamps for your card reading:

  • Card 1: 29:10 -45:13
  • Card 2: 44:14 – 1:02:04
  • Card 3: 1:02:05 –  1:13:55

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Love, Nadine



  • The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson
  • The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra
  • Synchronizing Your Energy: to Abundance by Dr. Joe Dispenza (Meditation)

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