A Month Of Grace – Day 13 – Give Yourself Play
Day 13 - A Month of Grace - Play


Welcome to day 13 of Journeying Through a Month of Grace.

Today we give ourselves play. When was the last time you made time for play? Most certainly, when you feel off or down you haven’t played enough. Play brings us into a frequency of alignment and happiness, joy and curiosity. It’s an elevated state of being. Look at a child, look at them how they lose track of time, because they are so engaged in what their doing. They are in a frequency of love and ease. The heart is open, and when the heart is open, everything else is in flow. Everything else fals into play. 

Have fun, laugh, be silly. This world is a big playground. Which role are you PLAYING?

Play and light up like a star. It’s contagiouos. Others can’t be but infused by this energy. You do yourself and others a big favor when you take things easy and not so serious. There’s a lot of wisdom to be found in play.

So, today give yourself play.


As we’re Wrapping Up 2022 (listen to episode #167) many of us find ourselves in a lot of fast-paced pressure. We have so many things we wanna wrap up, finish and complete before we enter the year of 2023, that we tend to forget to really tune in and slow down. This is the season to slow down. I myself need this reminder so I thought I take you on this journey with me.

I hope you enjoy.

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