A Month of Grace – Day 21 – Give Yourself Connection
A month of grace - Day 21 - connection


Welcome to day 21 of Journeying Through a Month of Grace.

Today we give ourselves connection. Connection is everything. Connection builds community, and community is what will be of most importance in the future, but we gotta build it now. Connection matters more than ever. The world has been so divided in the past few years. It has left so many of us separated and disconnected from ourselves and each other. But it also cracked us open and made us realize what truly matters.

We all – well, I assume most of us do – long for connection. True, genuine connection. Connection to ourselves, connection to other people, connection to the Divine. Genuine connection is what the heart needs, what WE need, what the world needs at large.

Even in the midst of conflict, disagreements, and storms we can choose to stay connected. Yes, we can actually stay connected even if we disagree with someone. That is true mastery. Gosh, this is love.

Especially now over the holidays, choose connection over conflict, even if you’re being triggered in all the right places. Have the intention to connect even deeper and cherish the ones you love. Show them your love, nourish and nurture your connections.

So, today give yourself connection.


As we’re Wrapping Up 2022 (listen to episode #167) many of us find ourselves in a lot of fast-paced pressure. We have so many things we wanna wrap up, finish and complete before we enter the year of 2023, that we tend to forget to really tune in and slow down. This is the season to slow down. I myself need this reminder so I thought I take you on this journey with me.

I hope you enjoy.

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