A Month of Grace – Day 26 – Give Yourself Opportunity
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Welcome to day 26 of Journeying Through a Month of Grace.

Today we give ourselves opportunity. There are infinite opportunities available to us but we gotta make ourselves available to them first. We gotta tune into the frequency of the potentials in the field, similar to tuning in to a certain radio station. Fine tuning our energies,basically.
How would it feel like if there were new opportunities coming your way and you just need to say yes to them? Exciting? Adventurous? Curious?
Tapping into the potentials and opportunities as if they have already happened will accelerate your manifestations. It’s actually pretty easy. Synchronicities and serendipities, those so called chance meetings and signs will appear everywhere you turn because you are aligned and in flow with life. There’s no resistance. The floodgates of opportunity will open like magic. Fast your seatbelt because you’re in for a wild and amazing ride into the unknown.
As you maybe have figured by now, I follow Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and I’m absolutely in love with the meditations and the work itself. I highly recommend to start meditating. And the meditations I can recommend, especially for the topic of today, are Tuning in to New Potentials and Synchronizing Your Energies to … series. Find them here: drjoedispenza.com

So today, give yourself opportunity.  And enjoy the process.


As we’re Wrapping Up 2022 (listen to episode #167) many of us find ourselves in a lot of fast-paced pressure. We have so many things we wanna wrap up, finish and complete before we enter the year of 2023, that we tend to forget to really tune in and slow down. This is the season to slow down. I myself need this reminder so I thought I take you on this journey with me.

I hope you enjoy.

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