086: Fill Your Own Cup First
086 - Fill Your Own Cup First - Self Love Sundays - Natural Woman Alchemy Podcast - Nadine Kuehn


Why you need to care for yourself first

How do you feel when you hear/read/say the words: “Fill your own cup first.“ What feelings come up.

How much do you be there for yourself first? Which place do you take in your own life? Are you your most important person?

This episode is simply a reminder in investing into you, and filling your own cup first, not from a place of arrogance and self-centeredness, but from a place of love and sovereignty. We have to bust the beliefs that it is somehow selfish and wrong when we first love ourselves.

My Personal Story

I share a personal story in this episode of when I totally lost myselff in a relationship, only finding myself totally depleted and exhausted, simply because I haven’t put in the love into myself.

We learn and grow from these experiences. May they be our greatest teachers back to SELF LOVE.

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