098: Full Moon in Cancer & Building a Strong Emotional Foundation
Full Moon Musings - Full Moon in Cancer & Building a Strong Emotional Foundation Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn


This is a powerful Full Moon

The last Full Moon of this year. 2020 didn’t leave us unchallenged, and so doesn’t this full moon in Cancer. We are being asked to look at our inner world, our emotions and whether we have built on a solid foundation or where we maybe need to adjust things in our lives. Reviewing the year. Reviewing our thoughts, words behaviors and actions. A great time to be super honest with ourselves.

What Foundation are you building?

Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the Moon. The Moon governs our emotions, so around the time of such a full moon in its own sign, emotions are heightened and amplified. It’s a call to go inward and retreat, to really reflect on the last 12 months, to reflect on our entire lives and how we have shown up for ourselves.

Take inventory

Full moons are shining a big light especially on all things hidden.

How do you navigate your emotions? How do you feel in your body? What kind of food are you consuming? How do you feel about yourself? What is your inner child saying, what do they need from you? It’s the perfect time to re-mother ourselves. Wherever we feel a lack of that quality in our life, we have to tend to these parts and places within ourselves.

Take heart and dive into your own truth. The world really needs us to remember who we are and to make better choices.


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