163: How to Follow Your Soul’s Calling & Get Clarity with Amy Briggs Klink
163- How to Follow Your Soul's Calling & Get Clarity with Amy Briggs Klink - Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn


Hello beautiful, welcome to another edition of Goddess Talk this time with my dear friend Amy. We met through the Dr. Joe Dispenza community and we share a lot of things and passions.

Amy Briggs is a mystic and transformational coach living in Boulder, Colorado. As a coach, Amy is passionate about helping clients find their own inner clarity and wisdom to support and facilitate change in their lives. Through Living Color Healing, the coaching business they founded in 2018, Amy and her husband Brian Klink facilitate workshops and therapeutic nature retreats for individuals and couples looking to deepen their connection with themselves, each other and nature. Formerly an internationally-acclaimed concert pianist, Amy has turned her musical abilities and attention to the world of sound healing, which she incorporates into her work with groups and individuals.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • being a professional musician/concert pianist and playing the big stages to detaching from that path to find her true soul calling, doing the things that she’s right now doing..
  • spiritual quest, following the soul’s calling and trusting one’s  own path
  • the Dr. Joe Dispenza community
  • from being single between 37 and 49 to finding her divine counterpart – spiritual connection, spiritual partnership
  • working with her husband
  • being and living in that frequency that is aligned to our soul’s purpose and the soul-aligned people
  • relationships, when they end and what kind of wisdom each relationship holds
  • finding our own spiritual truth by turning within
  • connecting with nature as a form of connecting with yourself
  • sound healing and sound baths

and so much more.

Listen in and share with us what you’ve gotten out of it.we hope it was inspiring.

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Love, Nadine


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