168: Why Women Procrastinate & How To be Successful and Happy in Business with Sigrun
Why Women Procrastinate & How To Be Successful And Happy In Your Online Business


Hello Ladies, shall we make 2023 our greatest year yet?! Then I invite you to join my wonderful business mentor Sigrun for her 12 Days of Masterclasses, plus get a bonus Masterclass from me on top if you sign up here: shehealsher.com/12days

Sigrun is my business mentor, and I tell you this woman is on fire. She’s amazing. She’s Europe’s #1 Online Business Mentor for a reason. I have learnt so much from her and that’s why I asked her to come on my show and talk about a really hot topic: Why Women Procrastinate and How to be Happy and Successful in Business – and shall I add – Without Burning Ourselves Out!

I got so much out of it and I know you’ll do, too.

Sign-up here for the 12 Days of Masterclasses + 1 Bonus Masterclass from me: shehealsher.com/12days

We see you there.

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