147: My time in Mexico at the Dr. Joe Dispenza Week-Long Event
My time in Mexico at the Dr. Joe Week-Long Event - - Natural Woman Alchemy Podcast - Nadine Kuehn


In this episode I’m talking about my experiences during the Dr. Joe week long event in Cancún, Mexico in December 2021 which was truly life changing and transformative. It has shaped me in many ways. Content:

  • how it all came about
  • my intention for this week-long event
  • how I missed my flight and how everything turned out simply beautiful
  • enjoying the Mexican sun and vibes
  • the start of the event
  • mystical experiences
  • the challenges I faced during the event
  • an attitude of gratitude
  • Heart-Brain Coherence
  • after the retreat: some more days in Mexico
  • how I missed my connecting flight on my way back and again a lesson in surrendering while not having slept and being jetlagged

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