083: New Moon in Scorpio: Manifesting Heart’s Desires
083 New Moon Musings - New Moon in Scorpio- Unravelling; Manifesting Heart's Desires; Time for Self-Pleasure & Deep Connection - Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn


Time for Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

It’s New Moon in Scorpio – Mars is direct (yay), Mercury is direct (yay) and things get even deeper in all kinds of ways.

More truths are coming up, lies & secrets are being revealed, and we are being called into even farther depths of our soul.

The Grand Portal 11:11

We had the GRAND PORTAL 11:11 happening just a couple of days ago, a magical window to our soul’s desire.

In these New Moon Musings I go deeply into what’s calling us. And my divine sisters, I say it here again, make time for a lot of self-pleasure.  And EXPLORE. You are an ocean of infinite vastness and beauty.

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