138: On Victimhood Mentality & Why You Keep Yourself Stuck
138_On Victimhood Mentality and Why You Keep Yourself Stuck - Natural Woman Alchemy Podcast - Nadine Kuehn


How Victimhood keeps us stuck

Some food for thought. In the rise of narcissism and victimhood. I share my thoughts on victimhood today and how it keeps us stuck. Victimhood is an addiction and with every addiction it comes with a whole lotta emotional pain and baggage, that’s being reinforced over and over again until we have the courage to break the addiction to these hormonal hits we get when we reenact the familiar patterns that keep us stuck in the past and attached to pain and suffering.

This episode might be a bit triggering, since it addresses all of us and the areas of our lives where we lack integrity and responsibility. So if you are not ready to hear this, don’t listen.

This is also for those of you who have been both: victims of their own making and being the recipient of people who are (unconsciously) playing out the victim role.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not addressing survivors of domestic violence, sexual or any other emotional, physical, spiritual and mental abuse. I’m addressing all of us who have become victim of our lives and over time become very comfortable with that identification.


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