097: Reviewing 2020 & Consciously Creating a Great 2021
Reviewing 2020 & Consciously Creating a Great 2021 - Self Love Sundays - Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn


What are you leaving behind? And what are you Letting in?

As we’re closing the year, we wanna take time to reflect on the good and beautful things as well as the challenging things that happened for us in the past 12 months.

2020 has been a very challenging and crazy year for most of us.

Some ideas of how you can best prep yourself for a new and great year

In this episode I give you some ideas on how to best review your 2020 and close it with gratitude. Because gratitude travels a long, very long way, and it’s the best ingredient to start afresh and set really high vibe goals for 2021.

LOVE, Nadine

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