099: Shine Your Light Wherever You Go
Shine Your Light Wherever You Go - Self Love Sundays - Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn


Self Love Sundays Special

Happy New Year!
I wish you all a wonderful and abundant, healthy and prosperous 2021. May all your dreams come true.

This episode of Self Love Sundays is a little reminder for you to always shine your light no matter the circumstances, no matter what’s happening around you, to always wear your magic coat of that freaking shining light of yours, and to catch yourself when you fall from grace and you start reacting to the drama around you.

It’s a great daily (spiritual) practice to remember your truth and who you really are and reflect that back to other people.

The more you shine your light and the less you react to your environment the more you enlighten other people and your environment.

We create a better world through kindness and love. Let’s make that our daily mantra:

“I shine my light even in the darkest places, and into the darkest faces.”

LOVE, Nadine


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Love, Nadine



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