Sneak Peek & Invitation
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Hello Beautiful & Welcome to She Heals Her.

I’m happy you’re here. This is a Sneak Peek of what She Heals Her is all about.

She Heals Her is all about women taking their power, sovereignty, and health back. This is a place for your wellbeing, where you can connect and reconnect with yourself, a place where you can feel, heal and express yourself.


This podcast is for all women who seek deeper connection,

…love, magick and meaning to life. And I’m inviting you to be part of this community.

For me She Heals Her stands for a woman’s innate ability to know all the answers that she seeks, that everything she’s looking for is already within her. She is her own healer, she is her own source of creation, she is her own best lover, mother, sister, friend and child. She is her own director and architect. She is the oracle, the connection between worlds and dimensions.
She carries the codes of the Divine.
She is the embodiment of God/Goddess.

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Intro and Outro Music by my dear mentor and friend Kara Johnstad



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