122: Supermoon in Scorpio & Energy Reading
122 - Supermoon in Scorpio & Energy Reading - Full Moon Musings - Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn



Sweethearts, this pink super fullmoon is packed with a lot of opportunities. We’re now in Taurus season and most of us have truly felt the shift. As we’re getting more and more attuned to the natural cycles and rhythms we become more sensitive and to these shifts.

Ladies, explore your bodies in a way you have never dared to explore yourself before. Dive into earthly pleasures and reconnect with your sensuality and sexuality.

This fullmoon goes deep into the shadow and wants to bring truth to the surface. Scorpio, being this amazing transformer and phoenix of the zodiac, is magnetic and truly a trailblazer.

Everyone will experience this supermoon differently. And that is beautiful, this is variety and diversity of life.

From Shadow into Light.

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