156: Coming Home To Yourself – New Moon in Cancer & Card Readings
New Moon in Cancer - Natural Woman Alchemy Podcast with Nadine Kuehn


We’re in Cancer season and this New Moon in Cancer is all about coming home to yourself and your body.

It’s a time for nourishment and deep and much needed self-care. It’s a time for retreating and relinquishing control, a time for nurturing your body and a time for rest, love and intimacy.

On June 28th/29th we experience this delicious constellation with the moon being in its very own sign, Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by water, and this Zodiac sign is all about home and emotions, mothering yourself and your loved ones.

Don’t be surprised if emotions run high during this season. It’s all necessary and important for us to move into the next phase of our lives.

The new moon highlights all the things that are left in the dark.

In old time women would gather in red tents as they celebrated their bleed and the wisdom that came along with it. That being said, this is the perfect time for introspection and reevaluation.

But more than that, Cancer always calls us back home to who we truly are.

As always, I’ve included card readings. I highly suggest that you tune into all of them because each of them holds an important message.

Here are the timestamps:

  • Card Reading #1 – 14:47
  • Card Reading #2 – 28:33
  • Card Reading #3 – 40:12

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