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“When the FEMININE activates her sacred sexual and creative center she will thrive in the most beautiful ways and activate the women around her.”

But I know that’s easier said than done, because maybe you…

  • find yourself doing all the “right” things but you still feel like it’s not enough, and it just doesn’t work
  • feel that there’s more to life but you just seem to be stuck
  • question yourself if you really got what it takes and that makes you doubt yourself
  • feel insecure & unworthy of receiving
  • have shame around your sexuality, especially around sexual & sensual pleasure
  • struggle with enjoying life
  • are in your masculine energy the majority of time but you wanna be more in your feminine energy and you just don’t know how to do it and embrace your femininity
  • give your power away and you lack setting strong and clear boundaries
  • keep attracting unhealthy relationships and you can’t figure out why or you can’t let go of a relationship you know is not good for you
  • feel like you have to do everything by yourself & you’re exhausted most of the time
  • struggle with asking for help and being supported by a great network of women
  • feel a lack of connection and belonging
  • don’t feel beautiful enough, good enough, worthy enough, successful enough and you compare yourself to other women
  • are afraid of losing people when you make changes in your life
  • are too hard on yourself

It doesn’t have to be that way! The time is now to step into your sacred power and…

  • Reclaim your sexuality & sensuality, and all parts of you
  • Live & be in tune with your female cycle & the moon phases
  • Trust your intuition through the power of the wisdom of your womb
  • Learn how to make better lifestyle choices and decisions
  • Have a healthier & more loving relationship with your body 
  • Work with your Sexual Essence in a playful way
  • Explore a new understanding of pleasure and sensuality
  • Understand your masculine and feminine energy
  • Build healthy & long lasting relationships with others
  • Set yourself free by reprogramming old belief systems, so you can thrive as the woman you are meant to be
  • Be in flow with your feminine essence
  • have the right mindset to create an abundant life as your new embodied feminine

What Elmira says about Sacred Womb

(she participated from October to December 2021)

Imagine swimming in an ancient sacred ocean. All of you soaked in holy water. Such majestic beauty to behold. Such mysterious depth to discover. The deeper you swim the darker it gets. The fear creeps in. Now imagine having swimming glasses that light up to help you see all of it. Having an oxygen mask that helps you breathe as if you were in a green forest. Imagine having wings that move you when you get tired of swimming. Having all that help, now all of the sudden the deep dark ocean isn’t as scary! The fear has been replaced by intrigue. Now you desire to get deeper and deeper. To explore more. To cleanse yourself more. You get to know the darkness. You find hidden treasures. You’re free to leave behind whatever you don’t wish to carry around anymore. At the deepest darkest point you fall in love with her. And there’s your happily ever after. Now remember you’re the ocean. You’re the swimmer. You’re the one joining SACRED WOMB, Nadine is the help. The glow in dark glasses, the oxygen mask and the wings. To me, Nadine as a coach dances in that sweet spot between a friend and a therapist. Neither and both. She soothes you and takes the sting out of shadow work. At the same time she’s not afraid to push you and make it uncomfortable! SACRED WOMB is the safe space for inner work that’s not fun but fulfilling. It’s transformative.
Singer, Iran & Germany


Beautiful, you are not alone. 

For the majority of my life I struggled with exactly the same: Low self-esteem, self doubts and limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, trauma, pain, and shame, especially when it came to expressing myself in my natural feminine way.

I used to see myself as less than, I felt not good enough. I didn’t feel beautiful enough. I tried to hide my feminine curves and features to not provoke men and I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I used to hate my body, and I suffered from eating disorders and body dysmorphia for over 20 years.

I always felt that there was something wrong with me. And because of that I was not living up to the full potential of my creativity because I was so disconnected from my body and sexuality.

It wasn’t until my 30’s that I made a clear cut from my old life and fully committed to the path of healing after I hit rock bottom. It was the worst feeling and yet it was the best that could ever happen to me. A true blessing in disguise.

I said yes to the path of reclamation and reprogramming cultural, societal, ancestral, and parental conditioning. I said yes to changing my life and becoming the woman I was meant to be, no matter how long it will take me.

I always felt HER, my feminine. Her power, her wisdom, her truth. And the truth is, I ignored her call for a long time; but the more I ignored her, the more pain I felt.

This path back to oneself is the most rewarding one. I never thought that life could feel that amazing, that I would be able to love myself so much, and that life is so much bigger and greater than I ever dared to imagine.

Transformation is never linear. It takes a lot of courage to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things. It takes some willpower to finally stand up, but once you make that decision and you commit you become unstoppable, and you will be amazed of what is possible and what life has in store for you.

And that is why I’m doing what I’m doing. My passion and purpose is to help women remember their feminine essence, activate their unique and hidden gifts, integrate their emotions, transform their lives, and step into their sovereign power.

In Sacred Sisterhood, in Sacred Ceremony and in Sacred Space.

Women have been hearing the call from deep within their hearts. Something major is shifting in the collective. And the more women answer the call the more we all will realign with a much more peaceful and abundant life.

That’s why I created SACRED WOMB

…with a vision to share everything I know and everything I’ve learnt with women that are ready to do the same and reclaim all parts of themselves. Because it is in a woman’s womb where all her wisdom and creative power is stored.

It’s the 1:1 program I wish had existed when I needed it the most. 12 weeks of intensive deep diving into yourself and the innate wisdom of your womb so that you can become that powerful woman that’s been calling you for a long time.

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Anything is possible. If they can do it, you can do it.

“I felt very comfortable working with Nadine, she has a special ability to create a safe and sacred space, it was very healing for me to verbalize some of my deep rooted issues and realize I can actually change them. In a very short amount of time I managed to shift my energy and she helped me to tap into my own power. The process she used is immensely powerful and effective but very gentle and loving at the same time. She helped me a lot by allowing me to use my own intuition. Thanks to the session with her, even the trajectory of my life has changed as I have discovered a new and better path for myself. It was purely magical..”

Olivia (England, U.K.)


This was my first ever transformational therapy session I have experienced. I was totally amazed at how different I felt after only one session, more empowered and clearer on my intentions moving forward. Nadine has a very caring and strengthening vibration and I would highly recommend her services.

Alice (Scotland, U.K)


I’ve had a few days to process after our session together and I wanted to reach out and say thank you. The session was extremely healing and profound. We went to places I wasn’t expecting but it was of course what I needed. I felt so much lighter after our session and connected to my heart space. Your ability to hold space for other’s transformation is beautiful and a true gift and I’m so happy to have worked with you and had the chance to participate in my own healing. Thank you, thank you.

Kelly (North Carolina, USA)

Sacred Womb is for you if you are ready to:

  • embark on your transformational journey to your empowered Feminine and live a life beyond your wildest dreams
  • bring your FEMININE FLOW to the next level and receive 1:1 guidance
  • awaken the hidden power within you
  • embody your sexuality and sensuality
  • let go of limiting beliefs and habitual patterns that keep you stuck in the same old cycle
  • transform any stagnant energy stored in your womb
  • discover a version of you that you haven’t met yet
  • attract healthy relationships & anything you desire
  • tap into the wisdom of the moon and your menstrual cycle
  • go into sacred ritual and ceremony

Sacred Womb is Not for you if you:

  • want to be in a group program
  • are not interested in your feminine energy & healing yourself and don’t want to express your femininity
  • choose to stay in your comfort zone and don’t wanna change your life
  • are not willing to grow
  • want to do this on your own
  • don’t like to get advice

I started out as a girl who was okay with being second in line.  Confident in her perception, sort of content, but in the evenings she ate chips and chocolate, drank wine, watched Netflix and felt alone. She was hardy, always on top of things, proud of her work as an assistant, but longed for something else? But what? A loving man? 

Today, I’m the first in line: I’ve advanced professionally, I eat healthy, and I have a morning routine that I look forward to every day. 

Chips, chocolate, wine and Netflix are of the past, I’m no longer dulling and numbing myself. 

Because now I want to see myself. Oh yeah baby! 

I look at myself in the mirror while showering myself with the compliments I deserve. I’m reading books again. I have a revitalized love life, and I feel connected to my body. And what surprised me the most: My lifelong dream of writing books was reignited in Sacred Womb. I buried it for a long time. But we made space for it to come up in all of its glory.

Dear sister, I’m telling you, this program will rock your world. Anything is possible. Also for you! Go for it, lady!

– Tanja, Singer & Editor Berlin, Germany;

Online Courses: Embrace Your Feminine, Feminine Flow, Sacred Anger, She’s Worthy,  1 on 1 programs: RECLAIM & SACRED WOMB



This Is What You Get When You Join Sacred Womb

“The embodiment of feminine intuition happens beyond the limitations of intellect and logic. When a woman claims her innate power she knows without a doubt what’s right for her.” – Nadine Kuehn

Sacred Womb is my 12 week intensive 1:1 online coaching program that is tailored to your specific needs and current life situation. In this program I guide and walk you through your next transformational steps of becoming the woman you truly are. We’ll be diving deep into your womb, your deep inner landscapes,  and activate your unique gifts that only you have.

We’re gonna make a plan that suits your needs & lifestyle, so that you walk out of the 12 weeks as your new, healthy, and empowered self.

This is a very intuitive process and it might not be what you think it is. That’s the most exciting part of it. You’ll get to know yourself in ways you would’ve never thought. That’s true liberation. That’s rising and shining.

In SACRED WOMB I guide and walk you through your next transformational steps of becoming the woman you truly are. I hold your hand as your mentor and sister and create the space for you to express yourself in all ways. Together, we’ll be diving deep into your inner landscapes and activate your unique gifts that only you have.

This is a journey back to yourself, reclaiming your power and all parts of you. Unleashing the forgotten power of the womb and tapping into HER wisdom will set you free in ways you haven’t tasted yet.  You are unique, there’s no other woman like you and the world deserves to see you in your full bloom and receive your gifts. But mostly, you deserve to live your most abundant, healthy  and happy life..

12 Weeks –

9 Sessions –

3 Integrations

Each week you receive 1 coaching session à 1 hour. In your integration weeks, you get specific exercises, recordings, and homework for you to be able to integrate everything of the prior 3 coaching weeks. Every session starts with a grounding and connecting exercise. The sessions are deep and you’ll get the most out of them when you allow yourself to be open. Through specific techniques, clearings and other tools we can clear the blockages that might prevent you from diving deeper into the process.

After 12 weeks you’ll walk out as a different woman, equipped with the best tools to live your best life in alignment with your innate wisdom.


Weekly Email Support

After each session you may send me your report on how things are unfolding for you. You might have questions as to what you can do to enhance your transformational process. You’ll get special exercises and prompts from me to help you with your integration process.

Tailored To Your Needs

This is the best part of this program: it’s tailored to YOU, to what YOU specifically need the most during our work together.  And what it is that you need, we’ll find out in your Discovery Call.

In Tune With Your Womb & Moon

This is important: we will work with your female rhythm and your menstrual cycle so that you can harness the gifts of each of the 4 cycle phases. We will also align with the moon phases and create individual practices that will help you to not only live more from your inner wisdom and intuition which ultimately is where all your wonderful feminine power resides. It’s also a powerful tool to have in order for you to hack your energy levels and live a more fulfilled & balanced life and enhance your flow no matter that means at work or in your personal life.  You’ll love the revelations that come along once you live attuned to your female cycle and the moon.

Meet Viktoria and why she joined Sacred Womb

Hear from powerful women what they have to say after working with me:



When You Enroll in Sacred Womb you’re also gonna get these 3 Bonuses

Self-Study Online Course

How to Make your Softness your Strength         in 4 weeks

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to embrace your feminine so you can create a safe environment for being female and soft, and receive more abundance and love without any effort.
  • learn how to slow down and relax and how to implement a loving self-care practice that suits your lifestyle.
  • learn how to connect with yourself on a deeper level and build new confidence by stepping into your power and intuition
  • learn how to celebrate your femininity. 
  • Discover your unique beauty and learn how to celebrate your femininity.
  • Take 2 hours/week just for yourself – let yourself surrender and receive.

It is the perfect addition to Sacred Womb. You receive many tools to draw from

Value: 397€
"One of the starting lines were to do less and be more. to me that was such a refreshing line. I can just love the whole course just based on that. You, Nadine were such an amazing teacher. You were soft and genuine and the authenticity of your spirit was what made the whole immersion so beautiful. I wish this had more modules as I feel like I have so much more to learn. Thank you for bringing this incredible course to us. feel blessed to have been part of this".
Monica D.
Dive Into Your Energetic Design

In this bonus session I dive deep into your unique energies. It is a blend of your

    • Numerology
    • Human Design
    • Gene Keys
    • Astrology
    • my Intuitive/Psychic Skills

It is the perfect foundation for our work together. Therefore I suggest to start with your Energetic Design before we go into Sacred Womb. You also receive the recording of the session, so you can listen to it whenever you need more clarity in your life or simply some confirmation why you are the way you are. This is so healing and empowering, since we tend to easily doubt ourselves and our own inner guidance. This session is interactive. You can ask me questions and we can tap into topics that are currently most important to you.

Value: 547€

"This was definitely one of the highlights of the coaching! In this Energetic Profile Session I felt completely seen and made aware of my strengths, gifts and talents. Even many of them were dormant at the time. In that session I felt a bigger yet deeply resonating picture of my being as well as my purpose and potential was revealed. I was in awe of how you implemented different aspects from different systems as well as your psychic abilities!"
Tamara D.
Coach, Germany
Your Woman Archetype

There are many different women archetypes that we, as women, can tap into and draw from. In this session we go into your predominant archetype that is most important in your life at this moment in time. Hint: It’s usually not the archetype you think or most identify with. You will tap into her magic, the magic the resides within you, awakening the dormant parts of you to come forth into their full potential, power, and light.

You deserve to shine and you are here to be in your power. WE need you to be in your power. The greatest gifts come from being fully embodied as the woman you are, as all parts of you. You can feel the Mother Archetype in you and yet at the same time you are the Wild Woman or the Lover, or The Priestess. There’s nothing wrong with feeling all of you and stepping into powerful source of those archetypes.

Value: 297€

"My experience with the Women Archetype Activations session was amazing. The process is very intuitive which fits perfectly with the female energy. Nadine guided me in the moment through this beautiful process. For me it was a very powerful experience that truly activated that which wanted to become actualised in me. It showed me who I am now and will become. It was a wonderful experience because it offered me a clear vibration that I wanted and was ready for. The session anchored this for me. Nadine had such a beautiful energy, it felt very safe and good to connect. I would highly recommend this for any woman who wants to activate that which she wants to create for herself for the future."

Your Questions Answered

We will find the best time for you. But it depends on your situation. You can start whenever you want to in the next 3 months. But I highly suggest starting in as soon as you have booked this program, so you keep the momentum.

This is what we’ll find out in the Discovery Call. I’m here to help you make the best decision for yourself.

Each session is 60 minutes long.

I’m thrilled you’re interested in SACRED WOMB. If you cannot find a slot in the calendar that works for you, simply send an email to with your preferred times and we’ll find something for you.

Yes, darling, there’s a payment plan available. Book your Discovery Call with me and we’ll find out what works best for you.

You only need your laptop or any other device and a Zoom or Skype account. That’s it. Have enough water handy and be in a quiet place where you can relax.

Hear from Katya. She joined my  6-week 1 on 1 coaching program RECLAIM in 2021.

Are you ready to unapologetically embrace all of yourself and step into your feminine power?

Are you ready to take that step into your new abundant life and walk with confidence?

Are you ready to set yourself free by reprogramming limiting beliefs, so you can thrive as the woman you are meant to be?

Are you ready to fully embrace your sexuality and live from that sacred place within?

And are you ready unleash that which has been dormant within in you, and activate all your great potential?

In 12 weeks from now you can still be where you’re right now or you can live your new life.

The choice is yours. But when you hear the call you must certainly answer it.

I agree, it’s much easier to just keep doing what you’ve been doing and tell yourself you don’t need help or support on your journey. The truth is, in the long run chances are you’ll be totally exhausted, because that wise woman inside you knows why she came here and she won’t stop calling you until you answer. I know it can be quite scary to step into the unknown but this is where all of your growth lies. This is where all your wildest dreams are waiting to be claimed by you.

There’s never been a better time to do the inner work and reclaim your power than now. I truly believe, when women heal and set themselves free the world will be at peace.

See you inside.



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