073: Embodiment Ritual for Balance, Vitality & Self-Acceptance
073 Embodiment Ritual for Balance, Vitality & Self-Acceptance - Self Love Sundays - Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn


Your Sacred Body

This SLS episode is coming with a beautiful ritual for your sacred body. In these fast-paced times we tend to disconnect from our bodies, yet our bodies store memories, emotions, feelings, stress, traumas, anxiety and beliefs. We hold so much tension in our bodies and most of us have come to terms with it, but what if we give our bodies all the love and attention we would give a baby?

Love yourself no matter what

What if we loved and accepted our bodies no matter their looks and what we think is beautiful or not?

I offer a very easy and nourishing ritual that you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day. It’s these little things we do for ourselves on a daily basis that create the momentum and everlasting change.


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