120: Spirit Babies & How to Communicate With Your Unborn Child w/ Deanne Crewe – Goddess Talk
120 - Spirit Babies & How to Communicate With Your Unborn Child with Deanne Crewe - Goddess Talk - Natural Woman Alchemy - Nadine Kuehn


What are Spirit Babies? In this episode I bring on the wonderful Deanne Crewe, Spirit Baby Expert & Medium. She gives us a broad overview into the world of spirit babies and how we can best communicate with them.

Do you feel you have a spiritual connection with your unborn child or are you just interested in finding out how you can tune into the child you’re meant to have? Do you maybe face some fertility issues and you would love to have some more insight into the spiritual meaning of it and how to even clear the blockages that you are currently experiencing? Then this talk is a must listen.

Deanne was so amazing and I call her my spiritual midwife. I’ve had a session with Deanne myself and it was simply so nourishing and validating, and it has changed so much for the better.

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