162: Your New Self – Full Moon in Aquarius & Card Readings – Full Moon Musings
Your New Self - Full Moon in Aquarius - Card Reading - Full Moon Musings


We just came out of the Lion’s Gate moving right through the magnificent full moon in Aquarius. In this Full Moon Musings I share with you some personal experiences from the Dr. Joe Dispenza Progressive Retreat as well as my time in Basel, Switzerland.

The energies are palpable and we are being called to step into a total new version of ourselves. For that, we gotta open our hearts and take some risks, do things differently and trust the flow of life.

As always I included card readings. Pick between 1 and 2 or listen to both 🙂

Here are the time stamps:

  • Card 1 – 25:39
  • Card 2 – 38:02


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