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January Review 2024: Powerful Reflections

January Review: 2023Woman in the lake, turning to camera and smiling. The headline of the picture is 'Happy Year 2024'

January has been a powerful month of shedding the residue of 2023, hasn’t it?
So many of us wanted to rush into everything new – myself included –, leave everything else behind and yet, we were still processing so much of what has happened in the past 12 months and even beyond that.
I’ll be discussing these and other personal topics in my personal January review 2024.
We can’t skip the steps. If we don’t integrate we’ll just find ourselves repeating the same old lessons, stories, pattern, relationships, and cycles.

New Year’s Eve – The Meditation Marathon

As I wrote in my Year in Review 2023, I ended 2023 and started 2024 with meditation. I’ve been practicing meditation for more than 14 years. And it’s my number one self-care practice.

There’s just something so sacred about meditation and the journey of going within. It’s a moment of stillness in a world that never stops moving, retreating from the mundane and allowing us to connect with our inner selves, to find peace in the midst of chaos, and to tap into a wellspring of wisdom that resides deep within us.
Meditation is a game changer.

The Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO)

Back when I was younger, I used to feel uneasy and even fearful if I wasn’t constantly busy or socializing, especially during New Year’s Eve parties. Those feelings have luckily faded away over time. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) has transformed into the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO). And with it came a lot of peace. And I choose that over anything else.
Sure, I love hanging out with my people and having fun, but I love my own company just as much. And I’m celebrating the fact that I can be with myself, to be content in solitude. This is how I recharge. A textbook introvert I am in this case. 😄

Eight-Hour Meditation Run

Two hours before midnight, a group of dedicated people who do the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza started an eight-hour meditation marathon. It was the perfect way of letting go of 2023 and going into the new year.
There was so much of 2023 that I wanted to leave in 2023 and transform anything into something greater.
Through the power of meditation we have the ability to align with a version of ourselves that has already overcome the challenges and barriers we used to encounter. I love connecting with that version of mine. I often times forget about her, but even writing about it makes me more aware.

During the meditation, it felt so good to connect with those people who joined in from all over the world.
It was a powerful reminder of the beauty that can arise when we come together with open hearts and open minds, united in our quest for inner peace, connection, and community.

Sitting In The Fire Of Transformation

I hoped for this meditation marathon to be a smooth ride, but obviously there was something else in store for me. Now I can laugh about it.
As I have thoroughly written about it in my Year In Review 2023, I went – well actually sat – through the fires of transformation.
So many things from the past came up that I was quite overwhelmed. Things that I didn’t know were still lingering in my subconscious. Ugly and messy things and the guilt, shame, and blame that were attached to them.

We don’t stop when it gets messy.

That wasn’t funny at all, I can tell you that. But this is not when we stop the work, this is when we go all in, and do it even more. And I knew that it was the time to release the burden from the past and free myself from the heaviness and residue of old programs that don’t serve me any longer: rebooting – a clean slate.

My meditation practice is sacred to me. Of course the cats enjoy it too. 😂

New Year’s Day – “Anbaden”: First Swim of the Year

What better way to start the new year than by diving into icy cold water! It’s the best! And in Germany quite a tradition.
I love cold plunges, I love water! It was fantastic: the feeling of the crisp and cold air on my skin as I took off my clothes.
The anticipation, and excitement, the discomfort and my huge aversion to the cold were all present at once, and it evoked such aliveness in me. It always does.
My heart beats faster, my focus sharpens, and my breathing becomes more intentional and centered. I enjoy the preparation before taking the cold plunge; it’s really such a sacred ritual that I cherish.

Having Friends That Root For You:

I asked people to join me and only one friend was ready to greet the New Year in that way. Can’t judge them. 😉 So, my dear friend Victorine joined me first on a beautiful walk on New Year’s Day and then later for the cold plunge, and we closed this day with an enchanting ritual.

I love having friends who are just on your side and are as crazy as you. Victorine documented everything on her and my phone and rooted for me as I went into that stingy and icy water. Loved it.
Outside temperature: Four degrees Celsius.
Water temperature: Seven degrees Celsius, what felt like minus degrees.

Here’s Some Of The Footage 😉

Two women outdoors, smiling at the camera. The woman in the back is getting ready for her swim in cold water.
Prepping before the cold dip. It’s always good to have loving support with you. My friend Victorine and I had a great first day of the year for sure.
January review 2024: Woman entering the lake for a swim.
Going into the water. It was so, so cold.
A woman swimming in the lake in winter.
Swimming in the cold water: I swam a bit too much, my body got tired very fast lol. It’s always a feeling of numbness and aliveness at the same time. The best thing about it is: one is fully in the present moment.
A woman who has just got out of the water is drying herself with a green towel.
That feeling when you get out of the water. It’s painful and exhilarating at the same time.
That feeling after the cold dip: pure aliveness, yes the body hurts 😂 but the freshness and the awareness one gets by plunging into the cold water is priceless.

New Year’s Ritual At The Lake

After the cold dip we waited for the sun to set to start our new year’s ritual. It was during the twelve nights (12 Rauhnächte). It’s a Germanic tradition, usually between December 25th and January 6th. During this time the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thin.

The Bridge To My Ancestors

Personally, each Rauhnacht feels like a bridge to my ancestral past, allowing me to explore the mystical connection between my present and the traditions encoded in my lineage. As I navigate these Twelve Nights, I find myself not only celebrating the season but also delving into a rich tapestry of customs that echo through time.

I love being in ceremony. And yes, in between that I enjoy some alcohol free mulled wine and joyful company. It’s all part of it.
It’s a personal rediscovery, a harmonious dance with the memories and codes of the past (lifetimes) that resonate within me. Bringing it all together in this life.
We’re infinite. This dance will never end.

The Fire Ritual

The lake was so peaceful and it became very quiet as it got darker and darker, and I relish the shift from day to night when the veil between worlds feels so delicate and thin.
As part of the 12 nights ceremony, we began by burning a wish written on a piece of paper for this special “Rauhnacht”, then immersed ourselves in the interplay of sound and silence while burning frankincense and myrrh.
There’s something so magical about it when women do rituals together. It evokes a timeless bond among us, a shared power that transcends generations.

Dark background: Two hands, in one is a singing bowl, the other hand holds an incense burner, burning incense
We brought our witchy stuff: calling in the New Year spirits with beautifully calming sound and the most invigorating scent of myrrh and frankincense.
Dark background with a little fire. A hand holding a piece of paper into the fire.
Doing a little fire ritual during the 12 Rauhnächte: It was Rauhnacht #8 and we were burning our intentions/wishes that we made for this Rauhnacht.

A Year of Self Care and Ritual & Lunar Cycle Calendar

At the end of 2023, I began working on designing my Lunar Cycle Calendar 2024, which was a personal project of mine. Now, I am offering this calendar to any woman who is interested in tracking her cycle and aligning with nature’s cycles, seasons, and rhythms. You can download it here.

From this project, a new and exciting idea emerged – the Year of Self-Care and Ritual. On all the marked events in the calendar, women who have downloaded the Lunar Cycle Calendar will receive special emails filled with self-care tips, ritual ideas, celebrations of new moons and full moons, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, and other festivities that women have honored for centuries. This service is completely free.
My aim was to create something enriching and enduring, and I hope that many more women will join this wonderful community. It’s all about unity and women uniting to establish empowering new lifestyles.

And I’m so excited about this project. And if you’re reading this and you want to be part of it, please feel free to join. Tap this picture. 👇

Yoga Everyday – Getting Back to My Daily Yoga Practice

I have a passion for movement. The act of exercising and training my body never fails to captivate me. Witnessing the incredible capabilities of the human body is truly astonishing to me.

What saddens me though, many of us fail to fully explore our body’s potential and surpass its boundaries. And I often times get caught up in the daily chores that I forget to move my body properly and the way it needs to be challenged.
I’m all for breaking a sweat. I love the rush, the aliveness, the freshness and the clarity that comes from exercising.

Personally, I aspire to dedicate more time to exercising and being more outdoors, being physically active.
It’s such a wonderful habit to have, one that keeps us young and vital, focused and energetic, but also transforms your overall well-being.
I strongly believe that engaging in various sports activities is an integral part of a harmonious and satisfying life.

Yoga – My Favorite Practice Of All

I am blessed with a highly flexible and adaptable body. My body is practically screaming to stretch and bend. Yoga holds a special place in my heart as it seamlessly integrates the aspects of body, mind, and soul.

Incorporating yoga into my daily routine has been a truly transformative experience. The gentle yet powerful movements help me connect with my body on a deeper level.
With each stretch and bend, I feel a sense of release and renewal washing over me, and a new potential knocking at the door. It’s such a self-actualizing tool.
It’s like a dance between my body and mind, harmonizing to create a sense of peace and balance within me. Yoga is not just a physical practice; it’s a holistic approach to wellness that nourishes my soul and uplifts my spirit. And that’s why I love it so.
Embracing the practice of yoga has truly enriched my life in ways I never thought possible.

And I know so much more is possible. I haven’t even come close to what my body is capable of doing. I want to get better and better at it.
Maybe I go for a yoga instructor training one day, let’s see.

Daily Yoga Practice

And since I neglected that part of me that loves movement so much, I also neglected my yoga practice quite a lot.
So then, starting on January 1st, I made a commitment to practice yoga daily. Reconnecting with it has reminded me of the joy and centeredness it brings when I step onto my yoga mat, when I show up and move my body, letting it flow and surrender to the flow. This made me question: “Why do I sometimes ignore something that brings me such joy?”
Generally speaking, why do we humans do that? Neglecting the things that make us feel good?

Well, anyways, it doesn’t matter that we stopped, what matters is when and that we start again.
It had such a huge impact on my mental and emotional health that I don’t want to miss anymore.

A little yoga sequence:

Woman practicing Yoga in her living room on a pink yoga mat. Warrior Yoga Pose. Her cat sits on the coach and is watching her.
The cat is always in the picture 😂 I love my yoga practice. My cats love it to. I love feeling every fiber of my body, stretching, becoming aware of what she is capable of doing, listening to her and letting her lead me into all the known and unknown layers of myself. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it’s a spiritual one.
Woman practicing yoga on her pink yoga mat. One of her cats is laying on the yoga mat and the other sits on the couch.
Taken from another yoga flow: Yoga, accompanied by my fur babies Merle (on the mat 😂 as always) and Kaspar, the one on the sofa (as always). I love when they come and wanna be part of my practice. It’s the cutest thing ever.
Woman practicing yoga on a pink yoga mat. Yoga pose: Camatkarasana - Wild Thing.
Camatkarasana – Wild Thing. One of my favorite yoga poses. Who else loves this one? 😃

The Impact Of Global Events On My Nervous System

What’s been unfolding in this world weighs very heavy on me. My heart is bleeding for the thousands of innocent souls who have lost their lives because of bloodthirsty tyrants that want nothing else but war and eradicate a people.
I’m horrified to see that this is unfolding in our time, in front of our very eyes. History is repeating itself. And what have we learnt?!
I’m petrified to witness that the world allows these horrors of the worst kind to play out.
It’s happening in plain sight and the amount of denial and cognitive dissonance, the cruelty and pure ignorance of people to justify such crimes and cruelty against a people makes my blood boil.


I can only shake my head in disbelief. What has become of humanity? How can we ever let this happen?!
I can’t even express myself freely due to the risk of being censored and restricted in my choice of words and language. This is insane. All of if is insane.

So many of us have been seeing images and videos we should never, ever see in our lives. How can we ever unsee what’s been happening?!

Healing The Nervous System

To bear witness of such horrors takes a huge toll on the nervous system, and it definitely takes a lot out of me to keep myself centered. Ever since October 2023, I’ve been feeling the impact of the global events on my nervous system. It’s a lot. And it requires a massive amount of energy not to fall into despair and fury.
I continue to breathe when all I want to do is scream and cry for the thousands of people.
Going back to my meditation and yoga practice, journaling, having conversations with loved ones, that’s what I can do for my own well-being.

Peace Comes From Within

It is essential to prioritize self-care and allocate the necessary time for ourselves. The current period is exceptionally challenging, and it seems like it is only the beginning, and in order to foster a peaceful world, we must first cultivate inner peace. These events bring up a lot of generational and ancestral trauma, which can be severely overwhelming. Therefore, we need to find methods to calm our nervous system and engage with nature, so we don’t spiral down and get lost in the insanity of this world.

I will never stop speaking up, I will never stop talking about it, until every soul on this planet is free.

What Else Was Going On In January

  • I met my wonderful friend Kara Johnstad in January. We haven’t seen each other in over a year. So much has happened in our lives. The first time I met Kara was at the Hochschule der populären Künste (School of Popular Arts) in Berlin, where I used to study Music Production. Kara gave us singers an unforgettable session. Years later we became friends. She was always a wonderful mentor for me. And it was time to meet up again. Every time I meet her my soul feels nourished.
Two women outdoors, one wear a black coat, the other one a green one. Posing for a selfie
Kara Johnstad and me during a walk in the park in Berlin Zehlendorf. Kara’s always been such a wonderful inspiration, teacher, and friend to me. Check out her music and podcast!
Enjoying food with wonderful people: LOVE LANGUAGE 😃 It’s been such a long time since Kara and I last met. We finally could make it happen in January. We had such heart warming conversations. You know, the ones that reverberate for many weeks and months. Soul nourishing!
  • During breaks from work, I always make time for non-work-related activities. Visiting museums and exploring cultural exhibits are among my favorite pastimes.
Museum in Berlin, showing a beautiful Egyptian wall painting.
Neues Museum Berlin: I love going to museums. I love immersing myself in ancient history. It fills me up. Especially when it comes to Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece.
Inside the "Neues Museum" in Berlin.
In between my work I often do cultural things as in going to museums. It’s so important for me to get away from my computer and work on a regular basis to regenerate, and I have a thing for beauty in every aspect.
  • Nature walks are as important, loads of them! Fresh air. Personally, I adore snow and cherish long walks in the winter scenery. So revitalizing.
Winter Wonderland: a half frozen lake with lots of snow.
Yay, and at last there was snow – a lot of it! Treptower Park, Berlin.
  • Women meetup at Wonder CoWorking in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Women who don’t know each other coming together to connect and network. It was a great gathering. And I love getting to know such wonderful women.
Set table with a pretzel on a plate. In the background, a basket of pretzels.
Pretzel breakfast at Wonder CoWorking.
  • There’s always a reason to have a cinnamon bun 😃 😉. Yes, I usually don’t have sugar, buuuuuuuut…I just don’t want to give up donuts and cinnamon buns. 😉 That’s also what I do in between work: me, myself, and I with a notebook in a nice café.
Cinnamon roll on a pink plate in a café.
Can’t say no to a vegan cinnamon roll. Whenever I’m in Berlin Mitte (my favorite part of Berlin) I treat myself to some (I know: not so healthy) vegan yummies. This delicious one you get at Sammy’s Berliner Donuts.

My little food gallery

I didn’t take as many pictures of my food as usual. So here’s just a tiny selection.

My Blogs and Podcasts in January 2024

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have observed a decrease in my social media activity, as well as irregular podcast and blog updates.
The reason behind this is that I had to prioritize time for healing my nervous system and embracing a slower pace. I made a conscious choice to step back from my usual content routine. It’s essential to occasionally reassess these aspects in our lives.

But here are my January blogs:

And here is a great podcast episode that I hope you make time to listen to:


There’s a reason why we’re in winter season (in the northern hemisphere). Let’s give ourselves some grace and some time to adjust and recuperate.
2024 is very different in nature, and we gotta be prepared and well equipped for that kind of energy and pace.
We can take this energy to rebirth ourselves. IF we have the courage to meet ourselves on a level we have never met ourselves before.
This year will challenge us in terms of personal responsibility, integrity, and truth.

2024 will surprise us on many levels.

As for me, softening and deep nourishment is what I’m calling in more of this year, especially then when my heart wants to close, and I feel like I need to toughen up in order to prove something, to be someone who other people want me to be, and all of that questionable stuff we do in order to belong and feel seen.

It has no substance, no meaning. We’ve been chasing so much, we don’t even know what we’re chasing any longer.
There’s a call to be deeply anchored in my feminine essence, to lead from the heart, to do things differently this year. It’s all about embodiment.

A surrendered and open heart, more real connections, more community, more of the juicy and delicious things in life.

Deeply nourished.


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